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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 670 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:22 am on 3/26/2014

Chapter 670 has been released!

Click For Chapter 670 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

30 kunai thrown »

30 Responses to “Chapter 670 Released”

  1. Vsauce Says:

    Many questions to ask.
    What happened to hagoromo’s brother? If Kaguya was supposedly stronger than anyone else, why couldn’t she seal the juubi? The attack that ashura uses in the battle against indra looks like naruto’s kyuubi mode. What could it possibly be?

    The New eye that madara said was nurturing, could it be the third eye on the forehead?

    Flaws in Earlier chapters?
    1. The younger son apparently inherited the “body” of the sage, but it now seems as though he acquired it through hard work.
    2. The sage split the juubi into the bijuu right before his death, because he thought that others couldn’t handle the juubi’s power. But is that true?

    Awaiting Mistic_Vegeta’s insight into the chapter.

  2. Narutoboy19 Says:

    ok lets be honest who didnt at least think in the back of their mind know this was happening. was i hoping for something different ya but oo well im not surprised at all by this development. However now im wonder was the mom and alien?!?! she doesnt really look human and neither does the sage with the horns and third eye. but if they were that would be kind of weird at least make it a spirit that takes a human form or something like that

  3. Josh Says:

    Finally!! The sage is revealed it all makes since though Ashura=1st hokage=Naruto Indra=Madara=Sasuke I think Sasuke will be good though

  4. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Okay *cracks knuckles* let’s begin,
    1. Hagoromo had a brother? What happened to him? His brother also had a different shaped staff than him and he appeared to look like Madara from behind.
    2. What exactly was Hagoromo’s mother? She had horns and whatnot, I guess that explains why obito and Madara grew little horns; they’re resembling the sage, his brother, and their mother. And since she clearly wanted power why didn’t she seal the juubi in herself? Maybe she tried and her sons defeated her in some way?
    3.Hagoromo said in the flashback that the juubi was sealed into “us” meaning him and his brother. So how exactly does that work? Did they divide the chakra like how Minato did with Kurama? Or maybe they sealed it within both of themselves and then somehow joined and became one being? Or maybe I had a weird scan?
    4. What exactly was Ashura using to attack Indra? It resembled narutos kyuubi mode. Ashura looks a lot like hashirama. I like how the sage split the juubi up into nine separate beings so that they could work together. And Ashura was reincarnated as Naruto? Then who was Indra reincarnated into? I don’t think it was sasuke, I think it was more likely Madara.

    @1 Ashura did inherit the sages body, I know it says that he worked hard for his strength so it makes it seem like he really didn’t have natural strength but it also says that he trained hard and then the power within him bloomed. So I think that means he did inherit the sages natural strength and body, he just had to work a little to awaken it I guess, much like naruto did. Naruto had his strength, he just had to work hard and find it first.

  5. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    5. why does narutos kurama mode look like Ashuras chakra mode? You can say it’s because naruto is his reincarnation, but how does that explain minato having the same markings?

    Also, since the sage and his brother took in at least half of the juubi, what if the sages brother died at some point and have the other half of juubi over to the sage, but since it was too much chakra, the sage couldn’t take it all in, so he’s been holding onto it and what if he is about to entrust it to naruto? So many questions and possibilities

  6. naruto six paths Says:

    @1 kaguya was the strongest, the jubilee came after she had passed that’s why the six sage sage said we had to repent our mothers sin,
    The Chandra mode he probably had control of a few more tailed beast not just the nine.
    He disinherit the sage’s body but not the strength, he had to work hard for strength, his body allowed him to battle indure more than the average person, the older brother doesn’t have as strong of a body but a lot of ninshuu Had incredible eye’s
    Then sage spilt them up hoping they would help with the world but people turned to power in stead of cooperation, he did foresee that they would be one again and that there would be someone kind enough but strong enough to lead And bring people together aka naruto

    As for the third eye I don’t think that an eye at all just a symbol, the eye madara sent was the one obito has.

  7. naruto six paths Says:

    Jubi* cakara* had control of a few more beast not just the karma, and he did inherent sorry darn Auto correct

  8. Darek Says:

    Lots and lots of exposiotion. To be frank, i didn’t like this chapter. It was nice to learn something about the Sage of Six Paths, but the story about his sons is literally Sasuke and Naruto! And Naruto is the reincarnation of Ashura (and probably Jesus too…) I don’t like that.

    About the Kyuubi mode look – since Indra was the strong, genius one man army, he didn’t have to cooperate with the bijuu. Ashura on the other hand had the power of love and acknowledged that power comes from cooperation.

    What do you think?

  9. Hanzo Says:

    Nice questions! But i just had a thought, what if what Ashura used is like the Sages power and since Naruto has inherited tht power when he uses Kyubi mode thats how its displayed since he’s using such a vast quantity. I dont like tht Indra had sharingan tho :/ I wanted him to still have his own swirl pattern. but look at the comparison between the generations, Indra walked alone because of his power, sasuke had to walk alone to seek it, Ahsura had seen the power through people and through the people Naruto had found his power, pretty poetic huh. Oh nd I think what the sage was trying to say was that he split the beast to into the 9 because of the power of cooperation, the beast as one was strong yea but that’s just one perspective to display its power but with it into 9 then youre definitely a force to be reckoned with. I liked the insight of the chapter but i hate tht it was a chapter about insight smh like we knew all this basically but now they jsut gave us the meat and potatoes, I want fight!!!

  10. kjames Says:

    It’s been awhile folks. Graduate school is no joke. Anyway here are a few points I got from the chapter: 1. What happened to Hagoromo’s brother? And did he and his brother split the Juubi (meaning the complete Juubi we saw now really is only half as strong as it originally was? If that’s the case where is the other half?) 2. What were Kaguya’s true intentions of eating the fruit (and does anyone else think she bears resemblance to the Death Reaper?)rather than sealing the Beast herself? Or was she just so powerful but not as wise as her sons who came up with a sealing method? Or maybe the fruit eventually killed her before she could? who knows? Also we see that Ashura had to work hard and needed the cooperation of others to bring out his true strength (Naruto) whereas Indra was the genius who inherited everything (Sasuke). You could say Madara inherited Indra’s chakra and then it was passed down to Sasuke. We only hope that Sasuke and Naruto can cooperate (eventually). And I had speculated that when Hagoromo split up the Juubi he made Kurama first which is why his chakra mode is different from the others. Seems like Kurama was based on Ashura’s/Hagoromo’s bodily chakra and the rest were kinda just split from everything else. Hence why Naruto and Minato have the same markings when in Kyuubi mode. Also it makes sense Hagoromo’s original religion and teachings, ninshuu, differed from that of ninjutsu which was created for war. (Kinda reminds me of the Christian doctrine how Jesus taught about love and peace but his teachings over the years were corrupted by people who sought war, power, and to subjugate. Don’t mean to get religious but I find the similarities very interesting.) Overall I think this was a great chapter. Still leaves a lot of burning questions we hope get answered in the next chapter.

  11. foxking Says:

    Let not forget that the form Naruto uses is not a complete form for all we know that what it looks like when he a kurama learn each other better. The form indra uses is what Madara called his complete form when he was fighting the five kages.

  12. Nawaki senju Says:

    All of you are smart,and your comments are well said. But don’t you all think that kishi have intelligent people like you working for him?,beside as for me,i believe there is going to be an explaintion for all the questions.it was a great chapter though and its nice to see hagoromo face

  13. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Just when you think the story couldn’t get any more beast than last week, it does. Well done Kishi!

    The SO6P’s appearance startled me at first. I did see a resemblance with the Death God in him, yet his mother resembles him more yet we can be certain she’s not the same entity. Now Hagoromo mentioned him having a brother, which we saw had long hair. So what if the Shinigami is actually Hagoromo’s brother? The mentioning of both brother sealing the Juubi and the fact the Death God seals souls within him gives me reason to suspect this. That’s my theory regarding the SO6P’s brother.

    Now it’s obvious that the story of the sons is the exact same one we saw with Hashirama/Madara and Naruto/Sasuke. So yes, Indra should be reincarnated as Sasuke. And of course they will form the balance mentioned on the Uchiha stone tablet.

    Now the comments above mention the resemblance between Ashura’s and Naruto’s “Kyuubi” mode. I agree with the idea that having a perfect harmony with the Bijuu will let you gain this kind of appearance. We know Ashura was his father’s successor, so did he inherit the power of the Bijuu aswell? That would explain a lot.

    Lastly, Madara’s comment about nurturing a new eye. I believe that when he gains his missing left eye, he will gain that same third eye Hagoromo has and complete his being (for lack of a better word). Naruto gaining the Rinnegan now can be thrown out the window, but I’m pretty sure Sasuke will obtain it. He needs that final power-up.

  14. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    I don’t think it really has anything to do with having a perfect harmony with the bijuu because bee has a perfect harmony and he doesn’t appear like naruto or Ashura chakra mode. I think it’s something more complex.

  15. just a thought... Says:

    @mistic vegeta

    Do you foresee so6p visiting sauske?

  16. just a thought... Says:

    Oh, boy..
    I think I might have figured something out.
    Madara is trying to steal the sages brothers version of the story. You know, the one that’s not important? If the younger son inherited the body, it would make sense for the reincarnation of the younger son needs the beast chakra to become complete. The older son has the chakra, but needs a body, hence the DNA splicing. Madaras mad quest for power led him to covet the younger brothers power, so, he’s just saying gimmie!
    Aaand I lost my train of thought. Dag nabbit

  17. Vsauce Says:

    Mistic vegeta, narutoboy18 and kjames. AWESOME. Seriously. the way you guys predict stuff is just crazy!!

  18. THEMAKEBA Says:

    everybody pretty much is on point with their ideas most of that makes sense especially @mistic vegeta an what he said about the death god maybe being the brother now my contribuition is simple hagaromo made ninshuu then it makes sense his brother is responsible for ninjutsu instead of those who knew ninshuu being responsible for twisting it it was his brother who made ninjutsu for war after the battle with the juubii to make sure the land could defend itself obviously hagoromo didnt agree and hence the split and lack of mentioning of the brother throughout history that has holes in it but its a theory i think

  19. sasukefan062 Says:

    I hope the sage somehow visits Sasuke’s subconscious too.

  20. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    You make a valid point. The complexity lies within the genetic lineage Naruto carries. Being an Uzumaki, he is a Senju descendant and thus a descendant of Ashura. Hagoromo himself stated that Ashura let his inherited chakra bloom through hardship and lots of effort.


    I think he will. It would be fair enough to visit both your reincarnated sons if you’re being the SO6P for that matter. Anyway, Sasuke being visited by Hagoromo the same way could lead to that last push both pur heroes need to truly set aside their differences.

  21. Creshawn Says:

    Reading everyones comments about Jashin, the reaper of death, made me realize/ remember something. Remember when the Hokage were brought back by Orochimaru. He had said that the death god had some sort of connection with the senju/ uzumaki clan. This would make the theory about hagoromo’s brother a little more valid. What if hagoromo’s brother became corrupted by the juubi chakra and after dying hagoromo’s brother turned into the reaper to collect chakra. The main goal of the Holy tree was to get back it chakra, so it would make sense if it created an entity to collect chakra from the dead.

  22. Narutoboy19 Says:

    Not gonna lie I like the idea that the sages brother becoming the death god that would be a really good plot twist and really re enforce the idea of the mom being a “goddess” or some kind of spirit that came to “save the world” It would also explain the appearance of the mom and sage. regardless i wonder what significance that third eye gives a user. I mean what does it do give the user telekinetic powers or something. Who knows but if madara was to unlock it then he really would be on the sages level. Finally thanks Vsauce

  23. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Thanks for the compliments everybody. I appreciate it very much.


    Madara already had the body through Hashirama’s cells. The key to defeating him, at least in my opinion, is to obstruct Madara in gaining his other eye and defeat him while he is still “incomplete”.


    Madara stated it were the followers of Hagoromo’s teachings that changed ninshuu into ninjutsu. Thus resulting in the many wars that have taken place over the ages. We shouldn’t conclude that Hagoromo’s brother was evil, for he may have been on the good side.

  24. Herbert Says:

    The point of what we just read has answered so many questions, and has opened the facades of the plot. So the most important thing is this, that Naruto will have the body and Sasuke will have the eyes. The Sage will visit Sasuke and get a different reaction. As for the hierarcy of the story, with the younger son being made the leader, I wonder if that is what will happen with Naruto, will he be made the hokage? I actually wanted a equalizig of power, because if you watched the Madara/First’s story, Madara had zero chance of being the Hokage, as does Sasuke does right now. I wonder if he will legitamately have a shot at being so, this time or not.

  25. NarutoSagen Says:

    hey guys, i just thought of this, did you notice the goddess’ name, is Kaguya related anyhow to the kaguya clan, Kimimaro for instance? he does have the same two circles above the eyes as the goddess.
    What do you think? Maybe the kaguya clan is related very far away in time to the uzumaki clan, but then was extinct?

  26. just a thought... Says:

    My train kinda got back on track.
    Going off what the sage said about learning things as he sees fit, basically.. what if it’s the sages brother reincarnated through Madara, and when Madara ‘died’, he had grown rather fond of madaras body… much like orochimaru does? Orochimaru may have a more important role to play ad of yet. His consciousness trapped in a curse seal seems like a poor, but admirable copy of black zetsu being madaras will

  27. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    According to the official VIZ translation, Hagoromo and his brother fought Shinju and “sealed it inside me [Hagaromo].” Looks like the brother was not a jinchuriki.

  28. luna-des Says:

    Did anyone else notice that Ashura’s “kyubi” cloak was in fact a similar four armed/double faced rendition of the Susanoo?

  29. just a thought... Says:

    Well.. let’s just scratch off my thought about hagoromo’s brother.. and I did mention the DNA factor, mistic 🙂

  30. luna-des Says:

    NOT saying it was a Susanoo but that it looked just like it, makes sense cause the first of the two who originated the clans (Senju/Uchiha) were bringing the pain with their highest level attacts/defense.

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