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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 671 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:27 am on 4/2/2014

Chapter 671 has been released!

Click For Chapter 671 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

29 kunai thrown »

29 Responses to “Chapter 671 Released”

  1. Vsauce Says:

    Does anybody think that Orochimaru will affect the plot now? I think Madara won’t be much of a threat from the next chapter. When the evening elephant did so much damage, the night moth will wipe the floor with him. Gai Entertained us like crazy in the last chapter that he was shown, i think the next chapter will be EPIC. Gai is INSANELY powerful now.

  2. Hypnotica Says:

    Night Moth…
    I wonder,what is it?

    Next Issue; Gai’s Final Tehcnique Eventually Pierces Marada!

    we are about to see even stronger hand to hand combo by Gai Sensei,stronger than Evening Elephant wass!

    but anyways,there is no way that Gai will save the day 🙁
    Since we got Naruto with 9 bijuu within him.

  3. the lost uchiha Says:

    Great chapter. Can’t wait to see what the Night Guy move is. And it was Great to see The Sage of 6 Paths was also speaking with Sasuke at the same time. 5 star chapter

  4. narutoboy19 Says:

    (expect for the end) i feel the same way about this chapter as i did last chapter. We all knew this was coming but it is nice to finally see it happen. Also the sage makes a lot of sense with the whole absolute power corrupts absolutely concept with his mother. also who else is curious to see what these two will look like after getting a power up from the sage. Finally if night elephant couldnt stop madara what is this new technique he has up his sleeve. Night moth i believe it was called or something? If night elephant did that much damage to madara i wonder what an even stronger move with do. not kill him of course but still. Actually will guy even be able to complete the move or will he die just before giving the final strike. I say that is def a possibility. Finally I wonder what sasuke and the sage were talking about? you know sasuke didnt give the same answer as naruto so what could he have said that was able to convince him to entrust him with his power?

  5. narutoboy19 Says:

    Also has anyone else noticed that Obito had the staff with the completed circle and rings on it and madara has the incomplete circle. Now when the sage presents his staff which has both on either end he presents the one with the completed circle and rings towards naruto and the incomplete one to sasuke. I wonder if that has any importance at all or not.

  6. Hanzo Says:

    @ Naruto boy, yea I think guy will keel over before he can do the move, or sasuke and Naruto will arrive before so, Bt yea dude I’ve noticed the staff’s as well, idk what to make of it tho, maybe two aspects of the sages power perhaps :/ Bt what I find reaaaallyy interesting is tht it was. Confirmed thr Byakugan is related to Sharingan, which leads me to believe that that is what Hagaromos brother had and thts where the Hyuga clan can trace their roots!!! Just a theory tho….nd I always thought the sages hair was blonde btw smh

  7. Uchiha Tajima Says:


    Indra = Crescent Moon Symbol/Crescent Shakujo

    Ashura = Full Moon Symbol/Full Shakujo

  8. Xmoose Says:

    @Narutoboy 19, I assumed this was because Obito’s heart, although slightly misguided by Madara, aligned more with Ashura, than Indra.

    Also I thought this whole Ashura and Indra thing, might explain that when Naruto’s rasengan and Sasuke’s chidori clashed in the valley of the end, that strange bubble appeared and they had that moment.

    They did have a similar clash after Sasuke killed Danzou. But no bubble developed, however they did have that moment again where they chatted.

    The manga seems to be going in an interesting direction now. I know mystical probably isn’t the best word to use, but this mystical element is becoming far more prominent in the series now. Still enjoying it, but it’s starting to feel different. Maybe that’s just me.

  9. K-Dash02 Says:

    Im mad Kishi pulled a fast one on me, I was excited to finally see how Naruto & Sasuke’s transfomation was going to look but the chapter ended lol….Still, the last couple of chapters have been very interesting and exciting becuse we all have been waiting a long time for this moment to come. Butmy only concern is that there is going to be a huge power gap between Naruto & Sasuke’s power. Naruto has all of the tailed beasts and hes basically gonna turn out like Obito & Madara’s Rikudou form. And Sasuke’s is just finally have the Rinnegan because he doesn’t have any if the tailed beasts chakra and the Sage did say that Naruto is the one who will have to beat Madara. But i cannot wait until next weeks chapter. And wait….. I cant believe Gai was holding back an didn’t even use the final attack, so since each gate allows you to do a certain attack that means thats there is a ninth gate for the Night Moth.

  10. Hanzo Says:

    @Xmoose, yea dude it really is! That’s why im begining to wonder if thats where kishi will take the next part of this story. I just re read the chapter and it reminded me of back in the chunin exam days where they first introduced the Byakugan and kakashi said sharingan was a mutation of the former, now we see why, its because kaguya ate the fruit and thats how she got the sharingan (10 tails eye) amd passed it on to her children, obviously passed down to Hagaromo and his kid (Indra) so tht just leaves me to believe tht the Uncle carried her narutal power….hmmm but i wonder since she was a priestess before the fruit. did she look like that? Rabbit ears and all is what i mean? OR is tht just from eating the fruit?

  11. Hanzo Says:

    Basically my point was tht if she looked like that originally and she came from a distant land, maybe the story can continue on to there 🙂 Also i know someone said it before, about Madara nurturing “A new eye” we all thought sasuke right but wait, the power of the fruit is what birthed the sharingan and root of its visual based genjutsu through dojustsu. So maybe madara wants the fruit so he can open his third eye. ( love the theme’s in the story tho, enlightenment, Asura’s and Indra’s, two gods who always fought, etc. Just loving it)

  12. ShikaShika Says:

    hmmm the SO6P mentioned a Gamamaru…perhaps that’s the old prophet frog?

  13. Pan Says:

    What bothers me most is: If Guy had an eight gates triump card, why did he even hold back and used the elephant instead? I mean, he’s going to die anyway. What is stopping him from giving it his all from the first second?

  14. narutoboy19 Says:

    @6 ya i was thinking that maybe it was the brother who passed on the byakguan but unless it is stated it is mere speculation im still more of a fan that he became the death god XD. @7 that very well could be the reason and most likely is. @8 but obito was a descendant of Indra so why would he have ashuras being in him at all?

  15. orochimaruto Says:

    Great chapter!! Can’t wait to see what this night moth guy is hinting at.

    I wonder what dream convo did sasuke have with 6th path and do naruto and him really want the same thing?

    I’m starting to think that the six sages brother gave birth to the byakugan and the gold and silver brothers! can’t wait too see what happens!

  16. Eye of Truth Says:

    @13 I was wondering the same thing. Maybe the next technique is a one-chance attack that you die after using, so he needed to weaken madara or perhaps kill him with multiple strikes from the night elephant first. Who knows

    @14 Maybe he became like ashura because of how he was initially weak and needed support of others (kakashi and Rin) to become strong.

    Anyway, a good chapter but kind of a waste for me. It didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know to be honest, except for the mother having byakugan. But at least we get to see guy in action again!

  17. K-Dash02 Says:

    I think Madara nurturing a new eye might have something to do with the other half of the Juubi being split between Hagaromo & his brother. Because as we see Hagaromo used his half of the Juubi to split its power thus creating all Nine of the Tailed Beasts, but the question is what did Hagaromo’s brother do to the other half of the Juubi? The mother used to be called the Rabbit Goddess so that probably means that she got her demonic looks from the transformation.
    And I wonder will Gai end up opening a Ninth Gate, I really do think it may be a possibility because we have never seen a Gate being opened that has more than one attack, and each Gate attacks gets more powerful than the previous Gate that was opened. 7th.Gate “Daytime Tiger” 8th. Gate “Night Elephant” and 9th. Gate “Night Moth”
    What do you guys think??

  18. bigrigjutsu Says:

    I wonder if Gai moth skill will be like a moth burning up in a flame meaning when he finishes his skill he wont just die but just disappear like a burn up moth.

  19. Narutoboy19 Says:

    @13 because if he had used his strongest move first and it failed then there would be no point of doing ur second strongest move because it’s just pointless

  20. Nawaki senju Says:

    Power ups coming to hinata soon.and naruto will be able to use mokutun

  21. kjames Says:

    Interesting. This chapter gave a lot of insight (as well as raise more questions). I see many of you have similar thoughts. So I’m going to bring up a few points that weren’t discussed. 1.) Infinite Tsukuyomi. Hagoromo stated while this puts people in a dream like state it constantly uses up their power meaning the Shinju (Ten-Tails) will eventually take back its chakra again. And because of that it means the people will die. So in a sense Madara trying to find a permanent peace and end to this “world of hatred” means an end to the world altogether. Does Madara realize this? Also since Madara was able to decipher the stone tablet with his Eternal MS I wonder did he even bother to read it with the Rinnegan? Or was there no need? Or was he just in such a hurry to put his plan in action he already gave his eyes to Nagato before reading? Since the stone was a warning, maybe Madara knew but decided to do it anyway. It also means Hagoromo’s mother used the technique as well, sheesh it seems she was pretty ruthless. Hmmm…

    2.) As for the Byagukan comment, it is possible it was Hagoromo’s brother’s line which inherited it, or one of Asura’s/Indra’s very deep line.
    In the case of the staff, Naruto is the Day and Sasuke is the Night.
    I’m not so sure if there is a 9th gate, my guess is that Guy just uses up the remaining strength he has and after the technique would just “burn up” like a moth on fire, quoted by comment #18.

    Its good to finally see all 9 Bijuu inside Naruto, same picture from when they were first created. Can’t wait to see the new Naruto and Sasuke (what was Sasuke’s answer? Apparently it was satisfactory for the Sage).

    Anyway there are still some questions and thoughts I have, but it was a very interesting chapter.

  22. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    The name of Gai’s technique is Hachimon Tonkou. Eight Gates. Why calling it eight gates when you have nine? So no, I’m inclined to agree with @18 on the Night Moth burning Gai away.

  23. Creshawn Says:

    I was a little confused; When Madara has infused himself with Hashirama cell, did he get old immediately, or did it time skip. This leads to the question and debunking of why did Young Obito did not experience the same side effects of Madara when he was saved by him? And why did he not get a Rinnegan?

  24. K-Dash02 Says:

    What I’m saying is that yes I know it’s Hachimon Tonkou/Eight Gates. But we all know when a gate is opened the speed, power, & strength of the user increases. All I’m saying is that what if there were a final forbidden ninth gate that pushes all of the chakra outwardly throughout the entire body, which allows one final increase in power to perform the Night Moth but you disintegrate after like a Moth to a flame

  25. Narutoboy19 Says:

    @24 very nice theory but I think in reality not jut giving out a logical reason of A where would it be located and B I just don’t see Kishi doing that. But if ur theory works out I wouldn’t be to upset though.

  26. VSauce Says:

    Maybe the acquirement of the rinnegan requires you to be an incarnation of either Indra or Ashura. That would be my explanation @23.

  27. VSauce Says:

    And @24, i have been reading the manga for many days now, and it bases many of its jutsus, power-ups and characters based on either the Japanese mythology or the Buddhist religion. So i don’t think there would be a Ninth gate.

  28. sasukefan062 Says:

    @24 I’m pretty sure there was a diagram shown in the manga and the anime that shows only 8 gates.
    @25 I suspect that the Firsts cells didn’t have the same effect on Obito for a couple reasons.1 Obito didn’t have the eternal sharingan or both eyes for that matter. 2 the cells weren’t used just as an addition to Obito, they were used to save his life.

  29. Maxkage Says:

    The fact that Naruto did not have a comical outburst upon learning that he is the reincarnation of Asura (Ashura) and was mostly calm about it means that he is growing up.

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