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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 672 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:28 am on 4/9/2014

Chapter 672 has been released!

Click For Chapter 672 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

25 kunai thrown »

25 Responses to “Chapter 672 Released”

  1. Herbert Says:

    Unbelievable chapter. Gai’s final technique was impressive. He did serious damage to Madara. As for Naruto coming in first, I was not surprised, however, his new power is amazing. He saved Gai’s life, and now has the power to challenge madara. Sasuke again was not shown yet, but I believe he will go defeat the spiral zetsu’s first’s jutsu. We will see his scene, his upgrades will be interesting, as to see rather or not he has the rinnegan and what extent he will be changed. As for the other side of Kurama, I want to see the difference between them; Naruto is already synced and hasn’t even practiced. Immpressive.

  2. demonninjahorse Says:

    Why do I have the feeling naruto will revive everyone that has died in this current war

  3. narutoboy19 Says:

    No please don’t save guy please let him die by going out in the second most bad ass way i have ever seen from an anime character (the only thing i put above it is vegeta trying to kill majin buu and that is kind more of nostalgia factor kicking in) put please I’d rather guy die i mean his body is completely ruined he will be forever crippled just please let him go out like a boss. also another DBZ anyone else think that was basically goku’s dragon fist but with guy’s foot? Finally holy damage to madara I never imagined guy being able to do that kind of damage to him its so freaking awesome I really have a new found liking for guy. Also naruto eyes indicated sage mode yet he did not have the markings on the outside of his eyes?!?! what is this also sasuke almost certainly has the rinnegan right now i would be very surprised if he didnt the next time we see him.

  4. allan Says:

    Gai was indeed strong to put madara in that state. Naruto has somehow revived Gai from the brink of death. Is this his power from the hermit sage? Cant wait for next week’s battle!

  5. SO6P Says:

    So looks like Guy is going to survive (sigh) I don’t really know how I feel about that because I already had accepted he was going to die.

  6. Zeno Says:

    Well that was short. Good news is that guy will live. He probably will never be a ninja again tho

  7. Darek Says:

    God-Naruto will heal Gai even though it was stated that once you open all the gates you will die. I don’t know if I like it.

    Aside from that. Is Gai one of the greatest characters right now or is it just my imagination?

  8. VSauce Says:

    I’m glad gai didn’t die. :’)

  9. 3ARC FTW Says:

    Ok this chapter was insanely awesome but their is one thing that is getting me like a bit pissy.

    Didnt Kishimoto say their was going to be a few deaths of basically the rookie 9 or 9 rooks? So far its Neji and as far as this chapter went, Naruto seems to have given Gai an amount of chakra back, enough to pump his heart still! So what the heck? I mean I havent missed any other deaths have I?

  10. foxking Says:

    I was expecting so much more. But that Night Moth was crazy. Like the kakashi and guy flash back.

  11. Joebito Says:

    Yeah gai is a boss. But now we need to see naruto and sasuke do work. Its about time to see what power the so6p gave them

  12. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Wow man, every week is another treat these days with Naruto chapters.

    At first I was convinced that Gai would die after using the 8 gates. It all seemed to go that way with the flashback we got this chapter. But it seems Naruto kept Gai’s chakra burning. I have to state that if Gai fully recovers after this, I’m calling BS on these so called side effects of the 8 gates. A shinobi is supposed to die after using this technique, so being severely physically disabled should be the minimum for Gai. Not because I hate him, but for the sake of the credibility of the series.

    And Naruto and Sasuke. I can’t wait to see them in action with their new powers. Being able to kick away a Bijuu Bomn that is supposed to disintegrate everything it touches? Things are about to get even more intense.

  13. Rasen Shiriken Says:

    I assume naruto is the new so6p. That title in itself is legendary. So for him to atleast keep Gai to survive is just another ability people never seen. But I have a feeling it still will come down to a Naruto/Saskue battle regardless. I mean we can’t forget kishi and all his plots and twists..

  14. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    no sage mode marking on naruto although he’s using sage mode. Did anyone else see that? Also I wonder what color narutos eyes are. I think it’d be kinda cool if they were his natural blue or something, to symbolize that he doesn’t need to go into a kyuubi or sage mode to get more strength, he alone is the strength now or something like that. I notice a lot of people are upset guy didn’t die, but what if naruto isn’t saving him, just giving him more chakra so his heart will keep pumping and he can still fight? Because I thought once the 8th gate is breached then it can’t be unbreached, so it could be that narutos simply giving him chakra to keep him alive longer so he can keep fighting in the eigth gate mode a little longer and after they’ve defeated Madara Guy will then die? I dont know, but it’s a possibility. I agree with everyone that naruto saving guy after he was prepared to make his great sacrifice for the fresh new leaves of konoha would kinda be a slap in the face. But hey it was a great chapter!

  15. narutoboy19 Says:

    @12 remember on one of the pages his limb was turning into ash and his body would have continued to do so had naruto not come in. I’m still kind of hoping for guy to die just like as you said for the credibility of the series i mean god naruto coming in and saving his life is one thing but he should pretty much done as a ninja.

  16. UchihaDomo Says:

    Managastream translates it as Night Guy. So I’m calling it that. As far whether he dies or not, honestly, I would be happy if he lives or die. Yeah I understand that if he doesn’t die than it makes the manga somewhat inconsistent. It was kind of implied that his father used it and died, but other than that, no none else has opened all 8 gates. So if anyone should live from opening the gates, it would and should be Guy.

    Nevertheless, I think Naruto only pro-longed Guy’s life. You know, so he can die knowing that everyone is safe and that he will be known as one of the strongest shinobi of all time! But that’s just my guess and probably others.

  17. Nawaki senju Says:

    This what a great chapter.it seems naruto can now maintain sage mode for a longer period (just guessing).am also among those that really will like to see guy die.because not only that he used the evening elephant,he went even further to use night moth which is far powerful than the evening elephant. And everyone here knows that 8 gate is activated at the cost of ones life.serious,if guy doesn’t die,then kishi has ruined the overhyped 8 gate. And as for sasuke,his power up are obviously rinnegan, and i wished naruto had acquired the mokuton jutsu.since no one knew how hashirama got one and again he is his reincarnation. For those who i really wish them death are kabuto,jugo,guy.

  18. Nawaki senju Says:

    Kishi could have left neji alive so that we can see how the byakugan begets sharingan. But powering up hinata won’t be bad cos am a naruhina fan

  19. foxking Says:

    Gai should go out like a boss. But what if Naruto’s chakra is only keeping him alive for the fight. At this point you can count on one hand the people that can put a finger on madara i count only 3 at this moment not including sasake at this moment because we have not seen his power up and the last time they met madara left a sword in his chest. so that makes GAI, Naruto, Obito

  20. Alucardver Says:

    My Prediction

    1. Sasuke will use the rinegan to Revive all the victims of the war. and he will die in the end.
    2. Naruto will die fighting madara.

  21. itachi33 Says:

    Fore one im love this chapter but i expected more out of guys and madaras fight i mean madara just stood there and took all the hits it wasnt a real fight . And i see guy ending up looking like shishio from ruroni kenshin all mummified and all but unable to use jutsu

  22. luna-des Says:

    Naruto and Sasuke are pretty much now the legit Sage reborn. There is no need for Naruto to sit and try to pull nature energy and only hold it for 5 mins… he’s the Sage reincarnate and in a sense (the SO6P invented the damn jutsu or made it or whatever) doesn’t need to. don’t know if I made that clear enough.. anyway
    Sasuke would look crazy if he had the swirl rinegan like the older chapters shown the brother had. at least that’s my opinion. maybe that one was a much more concentrated version? (more related to the 10 tails).
    Naruto having Senju Blood and the brother having the “life force” would fit him giving guy an extra spark. Sasuke would be able to uh lets say use multiple “forbidden” eye techs? no loss of eye sight??

  23. Narutoboy19 Says:

    @21 the reason madara took those hits was because he couldn’t go on the offensive against guy he was just to fast. Guy was moving so fast he was able to fly by kicking the air and was able to bend space. What was madara to do?

  24. foxking Says:

    lets not forget a few chapters back before sasake got the sword in his chest the first gave him something.

  25. narutoboy19 Says:

    hey u know what i just realized what happened to saukra holding onto narutos heart? je never got to see his reaction to when he woke up and saw saurka holding and beating his heart.

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