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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 673 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:45 am on 4/16/2014

Chapter 673 has been released!

Click For Chapter 673 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

31 kunai thrown »

31 Responses to “Chapter 673 Released”

  1. narutoboy19 Says:

    Wow just wow. So much to talk about well let us start with the fact that why is only one of sasuke eyes like that? like i mean come on why not make it both eyes. Second that lava rasenshuriken holy jeez that tree didnt stand a chance. Third not surprised at all naruto now has the truth balls although does this now make him also the 10 tails host or more like a psuedo host? 4th pretty sure that was kauyga talking to madara that was kind of obvious. 5th I wanna see this fight but i also want to see madara with his other rinnegan but my guess is that obito asked saurka to kill him since he asked her to view him as an enemy and not an ally so i wonder how he’ll get it back unless black zetsu just straight up steals it the second he dies. 6th i wonder how guy will survive i mean his body is totally ruined and he is barely alive and only alive because of naruto magical new so6p power but im pretty sure physcially guy is just ruined.

  2. Uchihadomo Says:

    Nice chapter. How many of you think this is the final battle?

  3. VSauce Says:

    Seems like the power-ups aren’t equal after all. Naruto’s is MUCH MUCH better than sasuke’s. So i guess the Battle Finale is like the first big battle in Narutoverse. “Kaguya vs. the ootsotsuki Brothers” and “Juudara vs the sage’s proteges”

  4. allan Says:

    Whew! That was sooo good! Cant wait for the next chapter. It would be an explosive showcase of power.

  5. allan Says:

    I didnt think also that it was kaguya who talk to madara. It was the god tree/juubi himself. Remember when hermit sage and his brother fought with d juubi because d juubi wanted back d chakra their mother ate from the fruit. That’s how i can remember.. Not that sure though.

  6. Rasen Shiriken Says:

    Anyone noticed that sasuke not only has the rinnegan which we all new was coming but it looks like a more complete version since it has the combine look if both sharingan and rinnegan?

  7. Herbert Says:

    Oh my goodness, so much in this chapter, wow wow! First off, look at the increased power, speed and strength of Naruto, he has become able to use youton!? Is he a ten tails host or just smaller, like @Narutoboy19 said. I think he is just smaller for now. He can manipulate charkra at will now and does not even need hand seals it appears. He also went right past Madara;’s limbo, what was that all about? As for the other side, Sasuke, what is with his eyes, what new ocular jutsu does he have, and he can teleport now like Shisui? Amazing. His ideal idea of power is well shown in this, as he mentions to second that he will be fine, and then does he get summoned by Naruto or does he teleport? I like to think that sasuke can now teleport and Nauto now has the ability to b the leaf’s orange Jinchuuriki Hokage. But where would Sasuke fit? Because I could see him as the Hokage. Maybe he will lead the Anbu or something…

  8. just a thought... Says:

    Kayuga = hyuga?

  9. Nawaki senju Says:

    Infinite sage mode!!! Am loving it and again can naruto fly? Hahahaha there absolute no chance of konohamaru beating naruto and becoming hokage. ROTFLMAO

  10. K-Dash02 Says:

    BBQ Gai’s body actually looks different somewhat healed compaired to the previous chapter, and as much as we have seen Senjutsu do it’s not really a surprise that it can even heal BBQ.

    But I do think that Orochimaru is going to join this fight, and side with Madara. Mainly because he already is inside a Zetsu body and Tobirama already confirmed that Orochimaru is full of Hashirama’s cells. As well as him giving the curse mark to the Spiral Zetsu thats currently using all 5 elements as well as Mokuton, my prediction Orochimaru takes control of Spiral Zetsu.

  11. Nawaki senju Says:

    Don’t freak out about sasuke’s rinnegan,I think Sasuke has the
    SO6P said so himself,
    that Madara’s
    Rinnegan was a mutation by combining the chakra
    of the 2 sons.

  12. kjames Says:

    GREAT….EPIC…CHAPTER!!! @NB19 I assume he would ask Sakura to crush the eye that way Black Zetsu cant get it. Then Black Zetsu would leave and then Obito would die. Seems most likely he would keep the other eye out of Madara’s hands

  13. jonas Says:

    @uchihadono It’s madara’s own words this is the final battle. That’s basically my thoughts throughout this chapter and at the end.

    @narutoboy19 completely agree. The only things in this chapter that I wouldn’t have expected were the lava rasenshuriken and what looks like/is kaguya speaking to madara or was it the ten tails? hmm

  14. Eye of Truth Says:

    Really cool chapter; glad to see naruto use something new, even if it is another rasengan variant.

    A few questions come to mind though: As #1 asked, why only one eye? Also why does his rinnegan also have the sharingan tomoes when madara’s only has the rings. Is his eye more complete perhaps? Finally… what is the Limbo exactly? Is it related to shinra tensei or something like that? I don’t really know.

    These chapters are getting better and better. I hope we get an ending worthy of the series.

  15. Rasen Shiriken Says:

    Gaara def acknowledges naruto for sure now.. notices how he witnesses his power and the only thing he says is “lets be allies” I find that quote funny and the look on his face is priceless. As far as sasuke goes.. I believe he only has one ey because he’s half the power of the sage. . Same thinking for naruto.. as what everyone is thinking about naruto being a smaller part of the jubi he is half the sage as well. Kishi maybe trying to represent both naruto and sasuke as each other halves.. thats why if they fight madara they will win if they fight together. Just my opinion. . Really have no idea what’s in store for us..

  16. Rasen Shiriken Says:

    @ #7 I dont think he has the power to teleport.. must’ve been the second transporting him to the battle field. . Like the second says.. he only had enough chakra to teleport only one person.

  17. yoyoyo Says:

    Completely random idea…but what if Kaguya came out of the God Tree and possessed Madara…I mean, the sage already said that his mom was stronger than him so Naruto/Sasuke would have no chance…

    Or what if she possessed Sakura? That would finally make her interesting

  18. bigrigjutsu Says:

    @15 another translation for “lets be allies” on mangastream.com it said “lets drink from a cup of sake” or something like that.

  19. bigrigjutsu Says:

    @15 which is an official bonding ritual

  20. Ares Says:

    I was kind of annoying by Naruto and Sasuke getting ANOTHER power up, I mean lava-style Rasenshuriken and a rinnegan now, how much power are they going to have? To defeat a monster like Madara I get, but they are so far above everyone else that they need to microscope the ground to avoid stepping on their friends anymore. Didn’t the So6P himself say it wasn’t good for one person to have such ungodly power?

    Well, it clear that the series is coming to an end, it’s been a wild ride with plenty of surprises, how Madara is still standing after Guy shattered his ribcage, I’ll never understand…

  21. Narutoboy19 Says:

    @17 plot twist hinata is actually the reincarnate of the sages mom and awakens inside her and naruto is forced to kill her. Ok now back to reality I really hope this battle lasts like 15 chapters or something this is the ultimate battle it has to be amazing. And I’m not gonna lie the fight with obito was pretty amazing too with the susano sage nine tails with everyone else making those rasengan and the sword. Kishi has to find a way to top that

  22. Reader00 Says:

    How is Madara flying? Does the Rinnegan allow you to fly or is it the body? I think pain was flying when he destroy the leaf village. Sasuke being able to fly is fitting since he is the hawk and Naruto is the toad.

  23. Rasen Shiriken Says:

    @18 never knew that.. but still funny all the same considering from my point of view I just sort of had an idea Gaara now sees how powerful Naruto has become he doesn’t wanna be on his bad side

  24. Dope_Shinobi Says:

    I think the power they received is only temporary and will be gone after this battle, and now i know that the tree nd kaguya have something way more in common than her jus eating the fruit look how madara reacted after absorbing the tree. Overall Narutos new power looks F’in dope!

  25. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    My guess for Sasuke having one Rinnegan eye is that he is now able to use Rinnegan jutsu and Sharingan jutsu at the same time. The use of one specific pair of eyes limits the users variety of jutsu. This way Sasuke is not limited by that standard.

    In awnser to #20

    Both Naruto and Sasuke may possess divine power, but since the power of the SO6P was divided between two people, balance in power has been maintained. This is also the prophecy Indra and his followers initially ment to pass on through the Uchiha stone tablet.

  26. Nawaki senju Says:

    You guys remember when sakura was telling sai how sasuke and naruto battled zabuza,she said it was flawless they even communicated without talking. All am trying to say is naruto and sasuke will trash madara easily unless maybe if kaguya is resurrected. And again,you guys remember remember juubito arc? Was it not the same shinju tree that naruto sliced into two with one hit that took allied shinobi almost 5 chapter to cut through? Youton rasenshuriken is amazing,can’t wait to see how it looks in the anime

  27. narutoboy19 Says:

    @25 that is probably one of the better hypothesis on why one is one way and the other is the other way but just to push you on that. Couldnt it be argued that by having all the extra commas inside his rinnegan eye be used as an explaintion to why he would be able to use both techs at once. So maybe sasuke can only use some techs i mean maybe he cant use the paths. I mean obito who also only had one was never seen using any of the paths. I mean guy and kakashi said it was because they already knew how to counter those and it would waste charka but what if he was bluffing and couldnt do them with only one eye. maybe now sasuke can ony do some rinnegan things. Idk the only one who does know is kishi and hopefully the rest of us will know too.

  28. Vsauce Says:

    Is it a coincidence that Sasuke has a rinnegan in his right eye and Madara in his left?

  29. just a thought... Says:

    Maybe sauskes particular sharingan was important in it… remember that Madara did mention sauskes straight swirl. might have to do with indras abilities, and why Madara was so interested in it

  30. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    I think sasuke has the “true” rinnegan. So since sasuke has the rinnegan, I think it’s safe to say he’s gonna have some powerful jutsus up his sleeve, I wonder if hell get an upgrade of his chidori? I just hope he can use izanagi because it’s always been my secret hope that he eventually gets it. I guess we’ll see

  31. foxking Says:

    @28 i was going to point that out. I was thinking it was because of the power of Indara that madara is still holding on to

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