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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 674 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 7:22 am on 4/23/2014

Chapter 674 has been released!

Click For Chapter 674 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

34 kunai thrown »

34 Responses to “Chapter 674 Released”

  1. narutoboy19 Says:

    So interesting chapter to say the least. First off pretty impressed with sasuke level of skill with his rinnegan. It def a good thing he has it so he can see the invisible madara and not gonna lie when i read the spoiler that was released i was so confused by what was going on. Second so is naruto gonna be using all the tailed beast to augment his rasengan. Because i think an acid one from the 6 tails would be really cool. Third holy s*** snacks i cant believe madara stole kakashi eye he really should have… (wait for it)… seen that one coming. 4th well it looks like obito is just about dead and madara is going to get his other eye back. But just one quick thing what is he going to do about being cut in half by sasuke. oo ya i forget he has the regeneration hack.

  2. UchihaDomo Says:

    Great.. Now Madras has kakashi’s eye. On the bright side, Sakura might die. I doubt it but we’ll see.

  3. allan Says:

    Wow!another good chapter. So that was the limbo. I feel a bit sad when madara stole kakashi’s sharingan. How will obito & sakura block madara’s attack? Is it time for sakura to show off all she got?

  4. Newuchiha31 Says:

    Sasuke is awesome. .naruto a beast .. if sakura dies it’ll do justice since Kishi let gai sensei live..but it would definitely be sad .

  5. Newuchiha31 Says:

    I also think that Kishi should just make sasuke the head of the police force since that was his original childhood wish..that would show sasuke has let go of all the hatred

  6. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Wow just wow. Naruto and sasuke are such a great pair. Not entirely sure if my prediction was right, sasuke did look like he was using izanagi.. But he also could have been using some technique to slow the flow of time relative to him, which would explain why he caught up to Madara so fast. Cool chapter though, I’m glad naruto has a sealing technique. And I’m also happy that lLmbo isn’t some cheap knockoff of the almight push. Limbo seems like an amazing jutsu, kudos to sasuke for being able to see through it! Speaking of Madara, my hate for him as reached it’s climax. You can kill the alliance, you can take over the world, but don’t you dare lay a finger on Kakashi! I’m not sure if I’m happy that Kakashi just lost his namesake, but I guess It had to happen for Madara to be able to obtain his rinnegan, become more difficult to beat, and possibly kill obito and Sakura. Great chapter kishi, keep it up.

  7. foxking Says:

    OMG That was a great chapter. Madara and his YAGA of Kakashi eye priceless.

  8. VSauce Says:

    What are the straight tomoes? And why doesn’t Sasuke’s rinnegan, which is supposedly the more evolved form, work after a particular distance?
    Is it the end of Limbo once and for all? This time i hope narutoboy, kjames and misticvegeta predict some really awesome stuff 😀

    And stealing kakashi’s sharingan just caught me off guard. That was just out of the blue. :O

  9. RJ408 Says:

    He took Kakashi’s eye!!

  10. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Guys in still super mad Kakashi lost his eye (Madara you should of took off the mask not his eye!) but I did hear some amusing puns lol

    “Looks like Kakashi’s eye is sharin-GONE”
    “I bet Kakashi didn’t “see” that coming”

    Damn you Madara, but I wonder what will happen to Sakura. I personally hope she stands her ground, but I don’t know how she can.. Hopefully naruto or sasuke will save her. Kishi, this is not the way we imagined an Uchiha penetrating Sakura.

  11. K-Dash02 Says:

    Wow this was a surprising chapter, the Shikaku Rasengan along with Kakashi loosing the Sharingan. But we all should have seen Madara getting his other eye coming. I wonder will Kakashi end up getting both of Obito’s eyes or what? And I wonder what will happen to Madara when Kaguya eventually makes her appearance since it’s basically 100% confimed that she’s the one who told Madara to absorb the tree

  12. Hanzo Says:

    How could i have forgot to mention, Kakashi just lost his eye!!!! Now he;’s just the Silver fang smh His Raikiri is useless

  13. KakashiFanatic Says:

    oh sure, lets take Kakashi’s eye out no problem, no big deal…..aaannnndddd it’s gone.

  14. luna-des Says:

    Well damn I guess Kakashi got jacked real quick. Just like that, one minute hes hanging out then the next WOP! gone babycake.

  15. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    Great chapter. This is some intense battle. It seems Sasuke’s Rinnegan is something beyond the Rinnegan Madara acquired. Madara had a problem figuring out what doujutsu Sasuke was using, which indicates he has no knowledge of it. This is probably the result of the chakra coming directly from the SO6P.

    Now that we know how this Limbo techniqud exactly works, it was to be expected Sasuke would come up with a coubter strategy this fast. I think he’s up there with Shikamaru in terms of intelligence, which indicates his development as a character and shinobi.

    Madara taking Kakashi’s sharingan was quite the surprise but logical in the end. Quite the tactic from Madara to teleport himself to the other dimension to get his left eye. I think Obito will die there giving Sakura his other eye to give it to Kakashi. He won’t acquire both eyes though. One is draining him so much already.

    If Kakashi does not get one back, that would downgrade him as a shinobi. He is the Copy Ninja Kakashi, therefor losing his Sharingan would disarm him a lot.

  16. Minato999 Says:

    Wat a pity for kakashi

  17. narutoboy19 Says:

    @10 come on man… did you really have to go there with that last sentence… Anyways @8 what do you mean sasuke does have the rinnegan? also it probably isnt the end of limbo although something of interest remember what ever happens to the shadow madara happens to the real madara correct. Well he just got hit with a sealing rasengan so does that mean when he goes back to real madara he will be imoblized? who knows. also i agree with mistic sasuke rinnegan is probably a more advanced form of the rinnegan because it has the commas in it. Although he only has it in one eye. I wonder what it would take to get it in his second eye. lastly if/when he gets his second eye from obito A does he get a ower bump and B how does he plan on getting out of that dimension. Obito will be dead and he no longer has kakashi eye in his socket.

  18. Darek Says:

    Guess transplanting an eye means just popping it up there in the socket and it’s good to go 😛

  19. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Did anyone else notice the outer ring of sasukes rinnegan is missing the tomoes? I have a theory as to why, because to me it looked like sasuke was using izanagi or some jutsu to slow the flow of time relative to himself, but if it was izanagi then when he uses it what if instead of losing his eye, instead he loses a ring of tomoe. And if he keeps using it then he will lose ring after ring until all are gone and then he can’t use izanagi anymore and possibly go blind in his left eye.

    But who knows, it could just be an illustration error where they just forgot the third ring of tomoe.

  20. Question Says:

    so how did sasuke evade madara’s initial lightning attack?
    Also what is the significance of the straight tomoe? I thought it only meant that one who had it could move well.

  21. Maxkage Says:

    Good chapter, but cold-blooded on Madara’s part for taking Kakashi’s sharingan.

  22. Zeno Says:

    Kakashi was a Jounin long before sharingan came into the picture. If he doesn’t get his eye back, he will be fine. The tool doesn’t make a ninja. The ninja makes the tool.

  23. Aeneas7 Says:

    Hm, very unrelated but just very curious about it… Kakashi used the Sharingan to learn hs 1000+ jutsu… Can he still use them after his Sharingan is taken? My gut answer would be yes, but I don’t really know for sure

  24. Herbert Says:

    Perhaps the most surprising thing in this chapter is Kakashi losing the sharingan from Obito, but let me get to that poin.
    First of all, Naruto clearly has a bjuu attack for every situation. Cut the tree, use a Youton(Lava) rasen Shuriken. Need to stop Madard in his shadow form, and seal him, use Shukaku’s sealing in rasegan. That way you can force the sealing with a direct handheld hit.
    I expect that
    1tails, sealing/sand?
    2. fire oriented attack/defense
    3. water oriented attack/ defense
    4.Use of Lava
    5.Powerful direct assault?
    6. Acid, direct defense
    7. Use of flying, bug attack?
    8. I’m not sure if he will use this but the hachibi in any measure could have a separate tech
    9. the other half of Kurama. enough said.
    Naruto probably can now teleport, hint him having the “body”

    Sasuke Eyes are incredible. As for anyone reading can see, I believe that he is using Izangi. His eyes are the most powerful in the series(Live people). But now that he has reached this point I want to see what else he is capable of doing.
    AS for Kakashi, there is no way(I hope!) THAT he would end up without another sharigan. I think he will take Obito’s other, and truly get the eternal Mangekeyo. Only because he stated it was getting hard to see out of the one he had anyway….

  25. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    @17 ok first off, I’m a girl. Secondly I don’t think whatever happens to the limbo Madara happens to the real Madara, seeing as the real Madara didn’t have a wound on his arm. So I would guess that if naruto does finish his sealing rasengan then Madara probably won’t be able to use his limbo technique.

  26. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    Kakashi was a Jounin before he got his Sharingan, but when he became Jounin he has both his own eyes. Having one eye disorients you that much, that being a shinobi is out of the question. The fact Kakashi’s eye was cut before he got Obito’s Sharingan and a rock landed on his blind side, which resulted in Obito sacrificing himself to save Kakashi should state enough for that matter.

    You try driving a car with one eye, let alone fight as a shinobi

  27. Nawaki senju Says:

    Kakashi no sharingan”japanese”. Kakashi no sharingan”english”.my prediction is naruto uses FTG to travel to the other dimension and save sakura cos obito has the mark on his body or naruto returns his dad hand and he transport them (with sasuke)

  28. K-Dash02 Says:

    Sasuke having the most powerful eyes at this point is very unlikely, besides him and Naruto are still at a highly disadvantage. I truely think once Madara gets his eye back from Obito it’s gonna be pretty much hell on earth, even for Madara. Once he pops his eye back in I think Kaguya’s gonna destroy Madara and reincarnate herself in Madara’s body. Besides Hogomoro did say she was the strongest and I don’t think Madara will be able to control her so easily like him & Obito did with Juubi. Madara absorbing the god tree was a desperate and bad idea, he had full control over the tree when it was on the outside, but now that it’s within him I think his own lust for a power greater than his own is gonna backfire. That’s just my thoughts on it

  29. narutoboy19 Says:

    @25 ok then i apologize for assuming that you were a man but my reaction is still the same. But also dont forget sasuke threw his sword at limbo madara when it came back suddenly madara had a sword in his arm. But he has the regeneration hack so that little bit of damage doesnt realy mean anything to him. But it is totally possible that the limbo madara is now sealed and he can no longer use it. second @26 idk madara seems to be doing a pretty good job fighting with only one eye. Hell he did a pretty good job fighting with no eyes XD. @28 I get the feeling that might not happened just because a while ago kishi said that madara was the last major villan

  30. Uchihadomo Says:

    What if obito is able to get his eye back and then unlocks a new technique (thirs eye thechnique). That would be interesting but I don’t know how that would happen, I mean, having obito revive Naruto seems like its enough to repay for his sins but maybe he can do more. It’s just a thought.

  31. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    So basically you’re saying Madara’s obsession with power is what is going to destroy him in the end? I like that idea a lot, since it was that same desire what took him to turn his back on Hashirama in the first place. Makes perfect sense.

    But we don’t know anything about Kaguya, so I wonder if she’s stronger than Madara and what it would take to stop a rampaging god?

  32. Hanzo Says:

    Herbert- Kakashi cant get EMS, its the same set just a different eye, If obito had a brother then that would be a different story.

  33. foxking Says:

    Funny if the plot twist turns out to be Hogomoro’s brother seems more likely since at some point power was passed on to both of them

  34. kjames Says:

    Well I know its a week later but since we are still waiting on the next chapter I’ll go ahead and give my thoughts. Great chapter first off. As far as Sasuke using Izanagi its a strong possibility but I’m not sure. I do like the idea he slowed down time in order to avoid the attack. Or maybe the eye gave him a new teleport attack but only has limited range along with his eye’s efficiency. As for Limbo (or Rimbo) I think since Naruto hit the shadow that it is likely that Madara won’t be able to use the technique anymore. It’s also apparent to me that Limbo getting hit had some kind of affect of him (hence the burned arm).

    Even though Madara has absorbed the Shinju and has Kaguya power I think he is still out matched hence the need to steal Kakashi’s eye and transport to the Kamui dimension toget his other eye (looks like eye surgery is nothing for Madara since it’s amazing he can adjust to the eye and almost immediately use Kamui.) Here is my thing, how exactly is Kakashi going to get Obito’s other eye when his other Sharingan is a right eye and not a left one (which he needs)? Unless Madara casually gives him back the eye after he regains his left Rinnegan (don’t see that happening) or Kakashi crushes his right eye too and Obito gives it to him (which would still leave Kakashi blind in one eye) I don’t see it happening.

    A few ways this can happen. Either Naruto somehow enters the dimension (still unsure how he found his way out) and interceots it giving Sakura the chance to crush the other Rinnegan, Obito uses the last of his strength to teleport him and Sakura out of there but someone ends up hit with the Truth Rod anyway, or Madara hits Obito and gets the eye back anyway. Can’t wait to see what happens.

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