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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 675 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:04 am on 5/7/2014

Chapter 675 has been released!

Click For Chapter 675 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

30 kunai thrown »

30 Responses to “Chapter 675 Released”

  1. narutoboy19 Says:

    And sakura is still alive… more on that later. First ok i dont think anyone is surprised by the fact madara was behind rins death. Second thank you jesus naruto with ur magically healing abilities of re creating a eye ball ur healing of everyone is making sakura even more useless. third good bye obito i doubt madara will be sparing ur life. 4th omg madara is just pure freaking evil. i mean seriously at least obito was doing it because he wanted to be with his love again. this freaking guy is just pure evil. do u guys realizes how many chapters of talk no just it will take to make him become a good guy? finally back to sakura. WHY IS SHE STILL ALIVE SHE IS NO WHERE NEAR NARUTO AND SASUKE LEVEL THE ONLY THING SHE’LL DO IS SLOW THEM DOWN. come on at least make her a tragic figure that naruto and sasuke can use to fuel vengeance against.

  2. cjdrumma Says:

    Question… so if madara recieves the left eye… assuming that he’d have to get rid of his sharingan … how is he supposed to get out of the time space demention? If he teleports him and obito to the real world b4 the transfer, sauske and naruto will be there to stop it… plus the fact thay sauske is faster than anything within his range of sight thanks to his rinnegan…

  3. cjdrumma Says:

    and I feel like kidhi is going to find a reason for naruto and sauske to fight after this…

  4. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    This was worth the wait! Great how the story is progressing these last few months. Some plot holes have finally been filled, yet some popped up in my opinion. First things first.

    We see Madara teleport to the space/time dimension to get his left eye from Obito and he finally revealed to be the mastermind behind the whole Rin incident. I was hoping for this to come. Yet I wonder, was it also Madara’s intention to lure Obito to the place where he supposedly died? Because it seems Madara orchestrated everything up from the point where Rin got kidnapped by some Hidden Rock shinobi which eventually led to Obito being crushed etc.

    Now is it me, or did Naruto just took the one thing away Sakura was not useless for? I mean, she worked her ass of to master Medical Ninjutsu and it took Naruto one divine meeting and he can just regenerate limbs and revive people’s life energy out of nothing. So is it me, or has Sakura just lost her final purpose in Team 7?

    Anyway, I loved the nostalgia at the end. Great to see it from Kakashi’s perspective and to see Team 7 go full circle. Yet Kakashi’s question about Sasuke’s dream was too much of a teaser. I knew we wouldn’t get his answer immediately, but in the end I guess we will.

    One plot hole though: If Madara implants his left Rinnegan eye, this means he has to replace it with Obito’s eye which he used to go into the space/time dimension. So if that means he has to remove Obito’s eye, how is he supposed to teleport himself back? The only thing he could do is to first teleport himself back and then replace the eye on the battlefield. But that would give Team 7 the opening to attack him.

    So I really wonder if it really is Madara who is about to come from the other dimension…

  5. Naruto Six Paths Says:

    Madara can use black Zetsu to control Obito’s body and use his sharingan to teleport back, maybe Naruto can heal Obito as well, with both of his eyes?? We don’t know exactly what is going to come from the other dimension.

  6. RasenShiriken Says:

    Good chapter.. good to see kakashi with his “regular” eye.. but one question. When madara stole his sharingan how did he teleport to the other dimension. I thought only obito’s eye could only do that and kakashi’s was to teleport things into it. Anyways again good chapter

  7. Eye of Truth Says:

    I think he did teleport first and will transplant later.

    Anyway, I did like this chapter, even though it was a bit too flashbacky for my taste. I hope this “final battle” lives up to the hype.

  8. Uchihadomo Says:

    Oh Sakura… There was a time whenI used to like a her bit. Oh wait actually that’s not true, I never liked her. She’s been useless since day one (IMO).

    Anyway, I was thinking the same exact thing as everyone else. The person who’s coming right now probably isn’t madara. What I think might happen is that with the complete rinnegan, madara will learn a way to teleport back or something.

  9. Common Sense Says:

    What does this mean for Kakashi’s CHAKRA and some of his techniques, wasn’t having the sharingan cutting his chakra in half?? I know some techs are gone now b/c they were tied to it but others like Raikiri should theoretically still be allowed to be used right??

    @Anyone confused about Madara

    Madara will aid Dokusetu in taking over Obito’s body, leaving him alive enough to teleport back to the regular dimension. When he has “that” Zetsu teleport him back he’ll already have the Rinnegan in place, probably fully powered up with an attack plan. That’s IF we’re to account for Madara being a truly battle-sense based character. If not…oh well

    @Mistic Vegeta and anyone else doubting Sakura at this point

    It’s been mentioned that her “potential” strengths are taijutsu, genjutsu, and medical ninjutsu. Genjutsu hasn’t been explored yet, and we’ve constantly seen hints here and there about her curiosity into the Senju power and her passion to surpass Tsunade in medical ninjutsu. Now she is being taunted by Naruto eclipsing her in medical ninjutsu, something she worked SO hard at to get to her current level. Technically, wouldn’t that suggest a power-up coming for her character maybe later on but hopefully now. I have no doubt that she’ll surpass Tsunade, and no she isn’t useless at this point. If she gets the chakra shield from Naruto, her speed might be able to increase. I’m willing to bet that she is a lot faster than Tsunade, and she already has enough power on her own to not make her a “liability” in this fight. However, I only see enough to not make her a liability. No, she will not DIE. If she does then that’s lame and poor writing. I don’t care how popular you think misogyny is, it’s boring and predictable. If it were ME, I’d obviously use Naruto and Sasuke as my offensive strike, and find a way to effectively display Sakura for defensive measures.

    *Another note, with all of the theories about the Hyuuga being tied to Hagoromo’s “Brother”, what if Sakura is too. It hasn’t been alluded to but “what if”, now is a pretty good time for something like that to crop up. Madara is essentially about to become “Kaguya” reincarnated, so having descendants of both bloodlines appear now to face that threat would be a good idea or MAYBE someone else could appear. I like it more if it were Team 7 handling this threat now by themselves.*

  10. Common Sense Says:

    *Another thing, if Dokusetsu takes over Obito fully, then once confirmed give him both eyes to teleport back and now it’d be Madara and Dokusetsu vs. Team 7….just a thought*

  11. Creshawn Says:

    Remember black zetsu could teleport madara

  12. adam625 Says:

    Everyone is talking about how madara is going to get back. what if he doesn’t kill obito and just allows black zetsu to control obito long enough to send him back from the other dimension?

  13. robert Says:

    You guys have forgotten that black zetsu is stucked like a leach on obito. Ps: obito mentioned that black zetsu can take his eye if he were to be weakened. Peace

  14. Tyler Says:

    @mistic vegeta. Madara will probably put his left eye in and then have zetsu let him out using obitos right eye

  15. allan Says:

    If madara got his rennigan back, then he can let black zetsu to control obito and bring them back to the world.

  16. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    @2 & 4

    Remember that Black Zetsu is about to regain control of Obito, meaning Madara can force Obito to use Kamui.

    Anyone else think that Madara’s eyes are the “bells” for Kakashi’s new bell test?

  17. narutoboy19 Says:

    I liked how kishi managed to dodge the plot hole of naruto being able to re give kakashi his eye back by having naruto try to explain and then kakashi is just like save it for later. I thought it was funny

  18. Nawaki senju Says:

    Maybe kakashi can now activate and deactivate his sharingan.it is NV afterall anything can happen
    *And again if naruto has “creator of all thing” or something similar,why won’t he just pimp kakashi.we all know kakashi is badass even with a small chakra tank,but imagine what he might do if at all he has “normal naruto” chakra tank.

  19. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    It’s true that Sakura’s strengths lie in different aspects of shinobi tactics, but a crucial point here is that these series are about to be ended. So unless Sakura will get another power-up which enables her to fight on the same level as Naruto/Sasuke during this war, I don’t see her have any purpose as a member of team 7. Even though she already has surpassed Tsunade, Naruto and Sasuke have way surpassed all the Hokage. So that being said, I think you’re making an unfair comparement. The only way Sakura could be of use is to be in the Village council or to be the head of the Medic department in Konoha.

    @14 + 16

    I hadn’t thought of that obvious fact. True, Black Zetsu is Madara’s escape route. But I wonder, now that Obito is no longer sealed, he might commit suicide before Madara and BZ get the chance to use his eyes. Anyway, using BZ will be more likely to happen indeed.



    I did not realize that at first but after reading your post… I was like HELL YEAH you are damn right hahahahaha :)) I like your observation dude 🙂

  21. foxking Says:

    naruto new Stem cell no jutsu he can fix anything.

  22. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Naruto wasn’t even there when sasuke said don’t let your guard down.. So why did sasuke all of a sudden scream that after he healed kakashis eye? I think sasuke was jealous of the attention Sakura was giving naruto. And finally we have proof that Sakura does not think of sasuke in a romantic way anymore. She cares for him still, just more as a close friend now. I hope my narutoxsakura ship comes true!

  23. Tyler Says:

    I wonder how kakashi’a fighting style will be affected by him losing his eye. I mean he can’t use raikiri anymore which is his signature technique. And he’s reaction time will surely be affected. The only benefit from losing his sharingan is that his chakra reserves won’t be drained as fast so now he can use more jutsu

  24. allan Says:

    Tsunade was stronger than raikage. If sakura has surpassed tsunade, then she’s stonger than tsunade. I believe Sakura needs a power up to get even with naruto and sasuke, like activating slug sage. And i dont think she’s useless.

  25. allan Says:

    And hey, I also want to see the fight against swirl zetsu and who really is the person inside it..

  26. Hanzo Says:

    Hmmmmm Obito did say that if he let his guard down zetsu woud take over and use his sharingan to get out and give Madara the left eye, so if tht happens and madara gives zetsu both obitos eyes then that means that Zetu may awaken obitos susanoo O.o 😀 tht would be fight!!! A zetsu controlled Obito vs team 7, oh yea! id like to see Gaara Lee and Ten Ten along with kakashi help take him down!! Just a thought, but yea there is a way for Madara to switch Eyes in the Kamui dimension.

  27. senorJACO Says:

    i like how no one is discussing about how Kakashi analyzed team 7… Or how Sakura feels about Sasuke… Ive also noticed how the people on this site aren’t very respectful to each other unless they’re “regulars”. Ive noticed that many peoples’ comments and questions just get ignored by most of you if the people who post them aren’t regulars. Speaking for myself, there have been numerous times where i have posted question to you all and some of my theories but have gotten zero feedback in return and I’ve seen it happen to others as well. A bit rude if you ask me, so I’m no longer coming on this site. I hope you all take notice of everyones comments in the future and give the appropriate feedback. Farewell

  28. RasenShiriken Says:

    Yamato might be inside swirl zetsu.. jusy a thought.. if not I have a feeling he will come back to the action again one way or another.

  29. ZipZap Says:

    I really don’t wish to see any talk-no-jutsus being cast upon Madara now. That would be just dreadful. The quadro should just get on with finishing him off with some quality strategies and backlashes.

  30. TrueUchiha Says:

    I think obito has a fail safe in place. Even though hes in dire circumstances, he’s still an extremely powerful man. I don’t think hes going down without a fight. Wprst case scenario Madara gets the eyes. Hell exchange with zetsu and zetsu will just teleport them both out AT THE SAME TIME. Sasuke and Naruto are still feeling out their abilities. Naruto has the yang. the body. the physical energy of the sage. its only natural that he can heal somebody to like epic proportions ie. gais eighte gates. That was just crazy. Im still waiting to see what sasuke can do tbh. He’s a genius, so hell be the first to pull out a crazy ability. Im still waiting to see his sage of six paths susanoo. This next chapters gonna be crazy

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Chapter 684 (Spoilers)

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