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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 677 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:41 am on 5/21/2014

Chapter 677 has been released!

Click For Chapter 677 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

18 kunai thrown »

18 Responses to “Chapter 677 Released”

  1. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Ok wowowowowowow. So my first initial reaction to this was just “holy s**t” I had to read it again to even notice anything. Anyways, Madara and the rabbit demon became one (as we all predicted) and it looks like sasukes rinnegan can protect people from the genjutsu, but who knows if he’ll be able to get rid of the genjutsu completely. I’ll admit this is probably the creepiest chapter we’ve ever had, I mean it really didn’t hit me that everyone’s getting pulled into a genjutsu until I saw that thing wrapping around shikamaru.. Beyond creepy. And man, when Madara said he was sucking up everything into the genjutsu, he flippin meant it man, I mean he even caught cats in it haha. But I also noticed that Ten Ten just so happened to drop her scroll with the sages sealing tools. So I guess that was foreshadowing as to how Madara is going to be defeated?? Maybe. We’ll it looks like naruto, sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, and the Edo kage are going to be the key to stopping the end of the world.

  2. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Also, YAYYYYY Yamato and killer bee are back!!!

  3. Eye of Truth Says:

    Very interesting chapter. I just have a couple of comments.

    1) I really hope that the sealing pot does not end up being the way madara is defeated. That would be so anti-climatic that it would probably end my liking of the series.

    2) It’s cool that sasuke can block the jutsu and all, but how will they fight him? the moment they come out from under susanoo, wont they get caught?

    3) What exactly is the deal with yamato now? is (or was) he controlled by spiral zetsu? did madara have the same heart seal that he had on obito and rin? or was he unconscious the whole time? It looked like he was caught in the genjutsu as well since he ended up with rinnegan like eyes near the end of the chapter.

    Anyway, great chapter as always 🙂

  4. narutoboy19 Says:

    welp its been fun guys guess narutos over madara won series dones bye everyone. lol ya right it seems only sasuke can protect people from this genjustu but how does he plan on fighting madara if they cant go out into the sun light. Also im fairly certain its gonna be with the ninja tools is how he will fail i am 68.34% sure that is how he will be defeated. I wonder if he SO6P told sasuke how to beat the tree since he seems like he knows what he is doing. Also i’m pretty sure the edo kages arent affected because they are already dead. finally watch bee and shino wont be affected because of their sun glasses. I would either laugh or call bull s*** or both actually. anyways welcome back yamato u come back just in time for the end of the world.

  5. narutoboy19 Says:

    oo and did anyone else think oro looks like nagato?

  6. Creshawn Says:

    Did anyone predict the other tobi to be yamato? I had completely forgot about him, but I guess the clue should have been he was a wood user.

    I agree, it was really creepy how everyone was just like cows to the slaughter. So what is the plan now madara. If once you have everyone under the tsukiyomi, what will you do with an empty world. I guess he wont have to worry about waiting in line for amusement parks.

  7. Creshawn Says:

    The kages are not effected probably because they were reanimated and the bodies used to do so was with tobi-zetsu cells. The zetsus were made from the gedo statue which was the “tree” they grew from. Because now that the holy tree has food to feed off of, the hokage-zetsu are getting a energy. That is why minato suddenly woke up.

  8. allan Says:

    The world has been engulfed with the infinite tsukuyomi. How will the team 7 fight if they are hiding in sasuke’s susanoo? Edo kages might be able to stop this.

  9. Uchiha Tajima Says:

    Anyone else notice that Madara’s discarded headband/horns landed on Tenten’s sealing scroll?

  10. Dope_Shinobi Says:

    @uchiha tajima yup i noticed nd i think thats fortelling the future
    Maybe at the end thats how they get rid of madara bit i hope not there needa to a more climatic way to end madara once nd for all

  11. Themakeba Says:

    That’s interesting is that true I looked and I can’t find his horn on the scroll but I was also skipping pages lol so Idn that would basically be the way to beat him right there

  12. Maxkage Says:

    Talk about a homerun with Minato being knocked all the way back to the Hokage monument.

  13. Creshawn Says:

    I figured out how they will do this. There is a reason that hashirama was not caught up in the jutsu. They will hit madara with the soul sword thingy combo. And then who is the one person madara talks about the most. Hashirama. So somehow they will get madara to say hashiramas name, then poof. End of story. Speculation.

  14. Mistic Vegeta Says:


    I like the theory but that sort of ending to this fight will leave an opening for a “Return of Madara”. Kishi himself stated the series will end. If Madara gets sealed, someone crazy enough would be able to unseal him somehow, thus resulting in history repeating itself again. Yet that history is supposed to be concluded with this war. So killing Madara along with his ideals and uniting the shinobi world will be most likely to happen.

  15. Hanzo Says:

    @Creshawn- thtd be a crazy way to end the story, kinda cheap but that’s just spoiled fan talk. I hope it’ll be something worthy of a good ending for Naruto.

    I wonder if bee is unphased, he did say he shades were too cool to be blinded by the light xD who knows.

  16. Hoshika Says:

    i knew it was Yamato!

    my only question is….
    how the hell BEE still alive!?!?!?

  17. ZipZap Says:

    Sasuke’s Susanoo might cover up Naruto’s Juubi Mode completely and that’s probably how the duo will be able to fight Madara.

  18. Tyler Says:

    Can you guys imagine how epic the episode for this chapter is gunna be

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