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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 678 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 11:16 pm on 5/27/2014

Chapter 678 has been released!

Click For Chapter 678 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

18 kunai thrown »

18 Responses to “Chapter 678 Released”

  1. Vsauce Says:

    Amazing chapter sans the first few pages 😛 The twist in the end was really unexpected. I still don’t understand how Black Zetsu could be Kaguya’s will. Could somebody explain that?

  2. Eye of Truth Says:

    to be honest, I hated this chapter. Madara was the perfect final villain; the extra plot twist was entirely unneeded. We’ve already gone through so many villains that adding another one here seems cheap.

  3. narutoboy19 Says:

    First off i must say that right now bricks have been shat. Holy kaygua i was not expecting that at all i was expecting the battle against madara to begin but nope black zetsu ultimate betrayal against madara… against obito i saw coming but not madara. also with regards to everyones dreams i liked them they all looked nice also the 4th raikage looked very dapper in his tux. and young gaara playing with kid naruto was adorable.

  4. Maxkage Says:

    The pure shock and awe will amaze me until the next chapter. Some of the characters dreams were pretty funny a good way.

  5. nice_read Says:

    i kinda expected the twist. most of the main bad guys usually end up becoming good/ redeeming themselves. madara turned bad/ evil due to circumstances but was not originally evil.

    kaguya on the other hand might always have been evil and therefore will not turn good/ redeem herself. making her the ultimate villain. (by ultimate i mean final or main villain)

    @1 not sure how kaguya took over black zetsu but we know that kaguya was absorbed by madara when he absorbed the tree. maybe kaguya realised that she could not take over madaras’ body because he is too powerful but could take over black zetsu as he not as strong.
    what i dont get is how come madara took so much damage for black zetsu/ kaguya attack? (kinda looks like chidori no?) i guess black zetsu is trying to merge with madara and take over his body/ mind?

  6. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Wow wow great chapter! Nice plot twist Kishi, @ 2 this plot twist was necessary. naruto and sasuke need to defeat the evil on the earth, so it’s a good thing kaguya is coming out now because now they can defeat her. If kaguya hadn’t come out now then who’s to say she doesn’t just come back at a later year and try to take over the world again? No, it’s a good thing she’s coming out right now, that way naruto and sasuke can finally rid the world of ALL it’s evil, and finally usher in a new era of peace and stability. I can’t think how zetsu is kaguyas will though, maybe when Madara went god mode she managed to take control of zetsu? Or maybe it was when he sucked up the god tree? No clue. But oh my god so many feels from all the dreams. Especially gaaras. I couldn’t even handle it. And I think out of respect of kiba silly dream, may 28th will now be known as Dog Day for the naruto fandom.

    @5 I don’t think kaguya is “attacking” Madara, so much as she is probably absorbing his power and life force, that’s what I’d guess considering all those veins showed up on his body and his face looks like shikamarus did when he got sapped of his power.

  7. kjames Says:

    Took another hiatus but I’m back. My thoughts on this chapter, WOW. Was not expecting that plot twist. Glad it happened because it really does show how each of Akatsuki’s leaders were manipulated in some form or fashion: Pain was by Obito, Obito by Madara, Madara by Kaguya. It all goes to show that those who aren’t inherently evil can be manipulated if they have weak minds.
    @1 to be honest I think Black Zetsu was always Kaguya’s will. The moment Madara incorporated Hashirama’s chakra and awakened the Rinnegan he inherited Hagoromo’s power but as soon as he connected himself to the Gedo Statue then that’s when Kaguya’s will had been born but lay dormant. Black Zetsu was then created by Madara but through Kaguya. Kaguya’s will then re-awakened the moment Madara re-absorbed the Holy Tree. At least that’s my take on it.

    This is a perfect setup for Naruto and Sasuke to end the root of all the evil in the world. Kaguya returning was needed. I just hope this doesn’t mean that Naruto and Saskue get another power boost.

  8. Uchiha Tajima Says:


    To me, it looks like she’s using a will materialization ability to transform & posses Madara for her revival.

  9. tee pain Says:

    I feel zetsu is taking over madara’s body. Kaguya cnt fight with zetsu’s body so i guess madara’s is her plan.. as for the dreamland.. so sweet

  10. the minority Says:

    i thought this was a terrible twist and i am no looking forward to another “I WAS REALLY IN CONTROL ALL ALOOOOOONG”

    it’s getting really old and it seems to be the only trick kishimoto can pull

  11. Gohan's knees Says:

    MAYBE madara will overpower kaguya proving he is the most powerful baddy once and for all

  12. foxking Says:

    I think it is simple Kaguya took over once the third eye opened. Black or white Zetsu are all part of the tree of life so why would she not be able to control.

  13. allan Says:

    Poor madara! Is kaguya taking over? Goog chapter!

  14. just a thought... Says:

    Wow. Madara just got chumped.

  15. Vsauce Says:

    I think people will start losing interest if a character that was introduced in the last few chapters would be considered a final villain for such a long and successful story. I completely agree that Madara would’ve been the perfect final villain, or even sasuke. Not as a villain but as someone who wants his ideals to be pursued. So my guess now is that the final, BIG fight would be between Naruto and Sasuke. Criticism is welcome. 😀

  16. narutoboy19 Says:

    I like that theory about taking out the root of all evil but at the same time after reading the chapter time or two again idk im not a huge fan of her return. maybe have her return and fight alongside of madara with her using obitos body as a template but still her taking over madara. Kishi has even said madara was the big final villain albiet before kaygua was introduced but still. madara was such a good final villain. he did it he won he accomplished the infinte tsuokyomi let naruto and sasuke take him down or at least let kaygua take over his body for a chapter or two and then have him re establish his domiance over her (similar to obito with the 10 tails) also vsauce i am totally in favor of there still being a naruto sasuke fight in the end of all of this.

  17. Darek Says:

    Introducing a new villain in the last few chapters of the story is lame. It would be like in FFVII Sephiroth appeared just before the final confrontation and said “haha it was I who did all those things that you experienced throughout the game up until this point! muahahaha! Let’s have our final battle! I am very powerfull because I say so and you have to believe it because we have no time left to elaborate on it.” Lame.

  18. Zero Says:

    I would like to share some thoughts regarding this. In the beginning, the God Tree have a fruit and a person ate it. That’s what the story went. But did anyone notice that the Juubi was only captured by the Sage of Six Paths. Then what did it do during Kaguya’s Time? And also, it seems Kaguya also used the Infinite Tsukuyomi in the past. So it must be that Kaguya transferred her will in the God Tree then battled her children. And now she is doing it again, casting Infinite Tsukuyomi , waiting for a perfect host (Madara) so her powers will be regained, and is now in an upcoming battle with her descendants. This is my thought.

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