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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 679 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 9:54 am on 6/4/2014

Chapter 679 has been released!

Click For Chapter 679 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

25 kunai thrown »

25 Responses to “Chapter 679 Released”

  1. Hanzo Says:

    Awesome chapter!SHE IS A GODDDDDDD!!!! Now we now the brothers name n.n but dang she is creating an army?? for what? Another war? for who? The “other” Continents in the narutoverse? o.O is this where the story could be going for it s continuation ( if it has one) who knows n.n thtd be cool tho , they did tap into tht before in the 2nd Naruo movie about the Galel stone. These guys are toast tho, final batlle in the center of the earth!!??

    Oh and in the las chapter who else thought tht shino’s dream beetle looked like larva Cell from DBZ xD

  2. GOKU-SAMA Says:

    Um what.

    So many questions. Why does kaguya need to build an army if there isn’t anyone to fight? Why did zetsu mention itachi? Where did kaguya zap all of them? Underground lava pit maybe? What does Madaras headband/horn thing falling onto ten tens scroll going to do?

    So I have no idea how they’re getting out of this one. I mean naruto and sasuke were having trouble against Madara, I have no idea how they’re going to fight a literal goddess. The only way I see them surviving this is either sasukes new teleportation jutsu and he teleports them somewhere or naruto uses a water rasengan to cool the lava, obito uses kamui somehow or maybe hamura shows up?? I have no clue.

    We finally got some clarification on zetsu, and at least now we know how kaguya inserted her will into zetsu. She literally created zetsu, so he was already her will from the start.

    We finally learned the other brothers name. Now I wonder if he will somehow give some power to naruto and sasuke so they can help defeat kaguya?

    I must say I disagree with the consensus that obito has died. I don’t think kishi would let obito go out without saying some final words. Plus Kakashi keeps saying his name as if he’s worried about him, so I don’t think Kakashi thinks he’s dead either. Plus did anyone notice how obito is also falling into the lava pit?? Why would kishi include him unless he would later play a role. Nah I think obito is just seriously weak and unconscious. But I could be wrong, I mean it doesn’t really make sense that he would be alive. But I just have a guy feeling that he is alive.

    Naruto and sasuke are outmatched, I don’t know how they’ll win.

  3. Mistic Vegeta Says:

    I’m calling it now. The Hyuuga are Hamura’s descendanta. And I still say Hamura is the Death Reaper. It’s no coincidence Minato landed in Konoha, near the Uzumaki Shrine, where a certain mask is waiting to be used again.

    So Kaguya… She seems to have good intentions, by means of using the wrong reasons. Same as Madara. Kaguya just wants to protect the Earth, even if it means killing each and every living entity on it.

    Naruto and Sasuke are going to pull a big one to defeat her. Though I feel a Sakura moment coming up after seeing Kakashi fanspamming this chapter by saying Sakura should not go in recklessly. So of course she will.

    Yet the way Madara was tossed aside was a bit sudden to me. Backstabbed through the heart… aaaaand he’s gone. So much for the once feared legendary Uchiha.

  4. jonas Says:

    This chapter. Kishi is constantly surprising every week.

    @Hanzo- exclamation points are necessary

    @Goku-Sama: These many questions are necessary, especially the Obito one.

    Since Kishi stated that he did not know how to kill Madara, could Kaguya’s possession of his body be the method of his death? Each chapter since 675, I’ve had no idea how the next chapter would go, and 679 took that beyond the impossible. The driving question:

    What happens next?

  5. just a thought... Says:

    Hmm… Mebbe the shinigami is hamura? anything is possible at this point

  6. just a thought... Says:

    Wait a minute. Ok, soo.. we have those markings on her head, between her sharinnigan and byakugan, hashiramas cells, kimmimaru, sauske, juugo, all of those experiments.. orochimaru being obsessed with jutsu… and karin.. it’s almost as if orochimaru was trying to see if he could bring all of this about.. maybe Madara had him under his thumb thumb as well. Or kayuga. Or I’m insane.

  7. kakashi Says:

    noo obitos dead. now so everyones gonna turn into a zetsu

  8. Vsauce Says:

    Crappy chapter. I was not at all impressed. This trend just keeps continuing. The series was all great until 3-4 chapters ago. But suddenly it takes a nose dive to bring in the character that wants to yell “Take the strongest thing you can imagine. Now imagine something 100 times stronger than that. I’m even stronger.” Like WTF. The only way for the protagonists to win is a Nokia 3310 as a DEUS EX MACHINA :P. Seriously, anything they do from now on will only make it seem like “kishi’s way out of this mess.” Really disappointed. I hope the series regains its lost sheen. And one thing that i probably didn’t understand is the last panel. Can somebody explain that please?

  9. ZipZap Says:

    Hagoromo did mention something about where Kaguya came from and that its not important to know. But maybe, it really is important. Maybe thats where Kaguya plans on returning – Her Home – and make use of the White Zetsus that she’s planning to make.
    Hopefully we’ll know more about that in the upcoming chapters 😀

  10. foxking Says:

    bet any money that Dr.Naruto heals obito. also anyone notice when madara blew up it looks like his eyes flew some where might be looking to much into it.

  11. SO6P Says:

    I just don’t see a way that naruto and sasuke can defeat her if they were having trouble with Madara. Unless one of them use some sort of self sacrificing jutsu like the reaper death seal but I doubt that would happen

  12. K-Dash02 Says:

    Cool chapter but I don’t think that Madara is dead, he’s only been absorbed I don’t think one character has died in the series yet from being absorbed so I don’t think Madara would be any different. And I’m starting to see that the only way to win this war is by Naruto & Sasuke’s power combine into one body.

  13. just a thought... Says:

    Lol mistic. We’re kinda on the same track with the shinigami. I’ll add that just as hagoromo had two sons, perhaps so did his brother. I’ll agree on the hyuuga being decendant, but I’ll throw in kimimaru to that. As I eluded to with my one comment, perhaps orochimaru had more of a roll behind the scenes earlier, when he was part of akatsuki. Though, still thinking about how the uzumaki clan fits. Obviously throughout the series, we’ve been introduced to various characters. character that had a particular trait(marking)/skill/ability that was only a small piece of the larger puzzle.

  14. just a thought... Says:

    Or maybe the uzumaki are the second relation..

  15. yoyoyo Says:

    A plot twist that I would actually like would involve Orochimaru not being affected by the Infinite Tsukyomi somehow (I know he’s still trapped in it)

    It would just be nice to see a plot twist that didn’t revolve around somebody just getting even more power, and just from someone outsmarting the other…idk…I’m probably crazy

    And what the hell does she need an army for?

    What the hell did she need an army for in the first place?

    This whole thing would’ve been a lot better if Madara hadn’t been so OP

  16. Revelation Says:

    I just realized something. How did Kaguya do the whole Infinite Tsukyomi in the past when her son was supposed to have created the moon?

    Plot hole…

  17. Vsauce Says:

    The fact that the S06P created the moon might’ve been a stupid rumor. Who knows. 😛

  18. Korss Says:

    The moon was only needed to do it enmass quickly. Wasn’t she a priestess or a princess or something? If so I would think it wouldn’t be too hard for her to enslave a large enough part of the population quickly.

  19. kjames Says:

    Yo….very astute observation. That is a very big plothole. Unless Hagoromo creating the moon was just a legend and he just sealed the Gedo Statue in the moon. idk anymore its getting confusing. Too many plotholes to cover. I have a feeling Naruto and Sasuke are gonna meet Hagoromo and maybe even Hamura. Assuming Hamura is not the Reaper (which I assume he is like everyone else)

    @K-Dash02 Can you say Fuuuu…sion. HA!!!! LOL

  20. Hanzo Says:

    @16 Maybe she did it after o.O she lived longnenough to know who her grandchildren were

  21. narutoboy19 Says:

    @16 thats the only plot hole u noticed? what about the fact how did the people originally escape, why were there still 100,000 around the start of this war why werent they freed with the rest, what happened to obito saying he made his white zetsu army from the tailed beast charka, what about how madara claims to have made them from the first genetic material, also we saw some early versions and they were all messed up looking and missing parts of their face. trust me their are plenty of plot holes at this point.

  22. Darek Says:

    @16 good point 🙂 Maybe they defeated her only after Hagoromo became the juubi’s jinchuriki?

    Anyone else wonders what’s going on in Orochimaru’s dream world?

    I would like to think that all those little things throughout the whole series were all planned, but it’s more probable that he just later thought about it and decided to connect the dots.

  23. TheTruth Says:

    @16 Hagaromo created the moon to incase the juubi’s body, and after he did so, Kaguya used her Infinite Tsukyomi and Hagaromo fought back and you know the rest

  24. foxking Says:

    @ Revelation summon a moon and create a moon. you have dead people coming back to life dudes with five hearts, sword in there hearts and you really asking how a super OP and summon a moon.

  25. Tyler Says:

    @16 I think instead of casting her eye on the moon she just used it on individual people

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