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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 465 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:15 am on 9/25/2009

Chapter 465 has been released!

Click For Chapter 465 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

30 kunai thrown »

30 Responses to “Chapter 465 Released”

  1. Ichibi Jinchuuriki Says:

    Cant wait to see the mizukages techniques

  2. Ares Says:

    Sasuke is proving to be more than the Kages can handle and Danzo is proving to be the most disgusting and cowardly person in history. It looks like it’s the Mizukage’s turn to have some action, water versus fire/lightning elements, this should be interesting!

  3. deidara3000 Says:

    Wow amazing chapter and everyone is targeting sasuke now first Raikage then Kazekage then the Mizukage and hes to much for them to handel. Danzo fleed from the fight with his man probably afraid of susanoo. And everyone woman is interested in sasuke, even the mizukage but she has a bloodline that we dont no about yet. I think naruto, kakashi, and yamato will come to save sasuke from death.(man i wish itachi was here he’d beat gaara,raikage,and mizukage without the huge problem sasukes having)

  4. kage Says:

    one thing is dumb saskue should be low on chakra and the pounding he got from raikage
    i mean those muscles are not just for show
    and cant saskue just tell them the reason to make the p**** off its getting really tedious now i want to snore
    each kage has ther own special power thats good
    raikage= lightining armor thing thats faster than flash of light, really strong and has jinjurik like chakra
    hokage to be= uchiha sushui powers of super mind control lol now thats something doing it while the other person doesnt realise
    mizukage= kekkai genkai snot+water thing lol but she does look dangerous
    tshukage= he must be good if he has ratained kage status for so long
    and kazekage= gaara sand control
    everytime saskue uses his mangekou sharingan i want him even more to transplant itachis eyes because when naruto beats him i dont want saskue to have a dumb handicap

  5. Kristen Hatake Says:

    Yoton no Jutsu? Was that slime? Looks like this is becoming interesting… And new theory about Danzo: he’s actually Uchiha Izuna, Madara’s brother. After all, has Danzo ever opened his left eye? If he has, I can’t remember. Even then it could be an implant of a regular eye…

  6. Ben Says:

    Does’nt yoton mean lava or something like that.Anyway the chapter was good.Can’t wait to see what the other kages do.

  7. Gota Saotome Says:

    A most interresting chapter. I officially hate Danzou (more). Finally we get to see why mizukage is mizukage. I wonder what element Yoton is. It could be the same element as Roushi (Yonbi Jinchuriki) used, but then again I don’t think so… It’s a mystery we must save for next week.

  8. hidan_88 Says:

    nice one inded i think danzo running cuz till not sasuke sees his eyes thats why and the mizukages jutsu is kick ass baby.

  9. K-Dash02 Says:

    He also needed Pain, to revive him 4sum’ wierd reason(proboly to merge himself with the tailed beast he’s captured, which results in dying)that’s why he needed Pain. I think instead of using the tailed beast’s as a weapon, he’s gonna try and turn himself into an ultimate weapon…..

  10. Danzo Says:

    If he stays and fights everyone will know what happened (i.e. Uchiha clan massacre), but if he retreats then he can lay a trap for Sasuke.
    Besides he needs surprise since his wind jutsu can counter Sasuke’s lightening, and his Sharingan will help too.

  11. The Lastalchemist Says:

    Wow so Sasuke finaly begins his attack on all of the kage’s awsome.

  12. whoaguys Says:

    I am soooo bored of Sasuke being involved in every fight in this series.

  13. guergy Says:

    Sasuke should run now and just kill Danzou, forget about the Raikage.

  14. Elle Says:

    Oh!! yeah!!
    Sasuke vs. the five kages
    this is so a must see battle

  15. White_cloud_ninja Says:

    sasuke was soo cool standing up on the ceiling like that. And Mifune has some moves. Karin needs to be more of use and help fight. she cant be totally useless. Now its sasuke vs two other kages, mifune, and two body gaurds. it shouldnt take long for gaara and the others to catch up, and it looks like juugo and suigetsu is coming back so they should be back in action too. I believe and sasuke and he can do it. but im worried for him because hes using the second state of sharingan again.

  16. jiznojutso Says:

    its lava (earth and fire kekkei genkai) not water vs fire/lightning.

    Need daily chapters!

  17. OB Says:

    Yep, Danzou’s a scumbag, but we already knew that.
    Yeah, um how exactly did he defeat what I believe to be a Suna Shuriken on steriods with Susano’o? I mean, sure, it’s powerful, but not that powerful.
    The Sharingan is getting really cheap, no?

  18. camille bianca Says:

    ooh…a cougar on the loose. the mizukage probably had a history with a certain uchiha member that she complimented sasuke with that “cougar” expression. haha!

    danzou is a big coward.

  19. Verdi Says:

    Indeed, Sasuke is giving them a hard time. Although, as exciting as this upcoming battle may seem, I think Sasuke’s gonna try and wrap it up quickly so he can go after Danzo. I also expect Naruto to appear in a few chapters at the meeting grounds. Anyway it just keeps getting better and better!!

  20. oren Says:

    sasuke must died

  21. antisasuke Says:

    it just goes to show the creater absolutely loves. he has done several ms techniques and still isnt out of chakra and now he bout 2 fight the mizukage. this is total bs

  22. wachak08 Says:

    mizukages youton jutsu its the same from roushi yonbi jinchuuriki jutsu but its looks like water…..I guess thats a nitric acid jutsu….

  23. yourbig.ru Says:

    Thank you very much for that glorious article

  24. Antoniopz Says:

    can’t wait to see my favourite charac Sasuke to die , it’s clear 5KAGEs versus one youngster …

  25. kakashikamaru Says:

    Hope that Tsuchikage will also lend a hand to Mizukage so that we can how strong the 5 kages are. (EXCEPT with that COWARD DANZO)

  26. Chaos-Kakashi Says:

    It looks Promising.I’l certanly have to look into this chapter

  27. bhattaraGuru Says:

    Im not impressed with sasuke’s techniques..seems to me there is no excitement seeing him achieve all those techniques from sheer turnover from Itachi..unlike our hero Naruto..but im still curious up to what extent his double mangekyou could make him more powerful..just cant wait…”P

  28. Sasuke'sBane Says:

    Sasuke will be captured he cannot fight all the kages even with his double mangekyou. I bet Sasuke has gotten pretty blind from using his powers and will cost him most of his sight. Yeah Sasuke’s blindness!

  29. SatsuKon Says:

    can’t wait to see the Mizukage’s technique. I may just use it for RP 😀

  30. sasuke_20 Says:

    dam the mizukage has some hot moves who knew that she can use acid jutsu, and then that old man wat the hell was that. what will happen next now thay mardra is there cant wait to see next weeks.

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