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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 467 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 5:24 pm on 10/8/2009

Chapter 467 has been released!

Click For Chapter 467 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

37 kunai thrown »

37 Responses to “Chapter 467 Released”

  1. Shanepickle Says:

    awesome chapter! 10 tails! never saw it coming!

  2. Akatsuki_follower Says:

    madara’s got a nice plan. the whole Juubi thing is pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the fourth ninja world was. i thought naruto was almost over, but it looks like its far from that.

  3. Derwind Says:

    Well this was certainly an interesting chapter, the 4th Ninja War has officially come about, this is definitely going to affect the story line in a very extreme way. This is also going to make the young hidden leaf ninja’s very aware of life and make them mature ( not in the best way though). It seems like Kishi’s pressing for a new arc also, man maybe there might even be another timeskip depending how long this war could last. Kishi you’ve done it again, I salute you.

  4. Rikudo Kami Says:

    OMG How is Naruto goin to be the TEN-TAILS how there is no Chakra techinque greating than it there is no jutsu greating than the Rinnegan, so I’m think Rikudo Sennin left a fail safe for the Senju if he left a momument for the Uchiha there’s no Chakra on earth that can top dat of the Jyuubi. I can see Naruto summoning the will/power of Rikudo Sennin to defeat the Jyuubi I believe Akatsuki will successed in there plans. everything is starting to revolve around Rikudo Sennin since he is the father of Ninjutsu, and has anyone Noticed that Kishi will not Show Rikudo Sennin face, those sillouettes of his shadow is starting to look like Naruto, madara did mention that will of Senju is in him which are direct Descendants of Rikudo Sennin Kishi is trhoughing us alot of Hints.

  5. iKirokox3 Says:

    Wow! A great chapter in my opinion, finding out there was ANOTHER bijuu gave me quite a shock.

  6. Afroman530 Says:

    I wish the moons eye palm was something alittle bit more interesting than Madara being able to use genjutsu on everybody… However, ALL of the bijuu information was phenominal! I just knew there had to be something other than the rinnegan that made Rikudo sage sooooo GREAT.
    4th war right? Does that mean that everybody is going to be wearing those armor suits like in the sannin flashback?

  7. Ares Says:

    The Jubi, a fusion of all nine beasts, well that was a twist, I expected Gedo Mazo (the sealing statue) to become the body of all nine Bijuu. I can’t possibly imagine the kages would consider handing over Naruto and Killerbee, Gaara is loyal ally of Naruto and the Raikage is…well…Raikage! Need I say more! Madara announced a 4th Great Ninja War, isn’t better described as “the seven Bijuu under Madara’s control VS everyone else” war?

  8. Common Sense Says:

    Danzo really is Madara! he ran off to a safe place had a change of clothes and then appeared before the Kages, it can’t be coincidence that Danzo and Madara have the same plan, unite the world under himself, Root is Madara’s army backed up by seven Bijuu, Hooray a supermassive battle will be at the end! I’m joking, and making fun, just so everyone knows!

  9. ryan_expert Says:


    Things are really heating up now. Can’t wait to see every thing play out!

    Seriously awesome chapter!

  10. ateista Says:

    The best manga ever.

  11. UchiuaMadara Says:

    So we will finally came to the four world war. In fact this jibuu shouldn’t be accomplish because the nine tails is naruto. I want to se more like this manga.

  12. Lantern_King Says:

    the jubi, the moon eye plan, and now the 4th ninja war. madara means business. but i think his plan flawed. he’s rikudou sennin.

  13. mizukage Says:

    i was thinking.. what is “madaras” main power now… space time ninjutsu.. thats all his eye does so far, and kakashi’s s MG sharingan does that slo…im just sayin.. where did he get his eye.

  14. Kristen Hatake Says:

    Possibly the most eventful chapter yet: Jubi, Moon Eye Plan, and WAR. One obvious flaw is what happens after he dies, but then again, he is still alive and pretty old, yet he acts so much younger… Must be some effect of Eternal Mangekyo. But still, this is turning out pretty cool, though. I just hope Sasuke finds out that Madara just wants his eyes before it’s too late.

  15. fantasyfreak Says:

    ….wow…..just wow!:o There are no words that could make this chapter justice…seriously, brainwashing the entire world with a genjutsu by obtaining a chakra that is a bijuu combined from all the nine existing ones? that´s one of the most grand evil plans I´ve ever heard. And him declaring the fourth great ninja war was pretty confident and badass on his part ^^

  16. Chunin Says:

    Will we get to see average ninja fight in the manga now with the 4th Shinobi War?

  17. Sakura Says:

    Is she going to declare her love?

  18. Uh-Oh Says:

    Will Danzo agree to Madara’s plan?
    If so, what will happen to Naruto?

  19. kakashi-sensei Says:

    This was the best in months. it looks like everytime madara appears the manga gets interesting. the moon’s eye plan is big and kind of hard to accomplish. Madara is looking for good eyes, sasuke is going to fight naruto ninetails vs. 7 tails.

  20. TheLastAlchemist Says:

    Wow quite possibly the best chapter ever released to date so much info and a fourth ninja info. Plus Madara tells us so much about his plan and explains it all. Wow what will happen if he does get all nine and becomes the new rikkuden?

  21. bboy fox Says:

    i knew it i knew it i knew it i knew there was a 10 tails but i though that madara would need all 9 to unlock it from its prison or something like that, its ok i am really satisfied with this twist.
    and i have to agree this chapter was f”””””ing epic (excuse the language but i cant hold my self :P)

  22. kakashi-sensei Says:

    Unfortunately guys madara’s plan is going to come true. Madara is going to be the ultimate enemy of naruto and the Kyubi. Naruto is so annoying, he needs to forget about sasuke and do something about madara.

  23. The 8th Hokage Says:

    Crazy Chapter. Naruto is getting close to fulfilling his destiny. He might even surpass the sage of six paths because naruto will achive what he could not….PEACE

  24. DJ Says:

    Great Chapter. but i think madara’s time space jutsu is the same as kakashi’s. maybe kakashi will get more air time along with naruto.

  25. lampsalot Says:

    Maybe I’m just thinking too much into things, but, if we go back and look at what Jiraiya left Naruto in the toad pole (it was shown in the anime so I think Kishi is trying to help us remember things from times past) before Jiraiya fought Pein, what if, the Fourth caught onto this plan, and deliberately sealed half of the Kyuubi forever in the Shinigami, and the rest of it would be used up to stop Madara’s evil scheme of evilness. But I agree with Rikudo Kami, that something must have been left with the Senju Clan. TSUNADE WAKE UP!!

  26. curtis Says:

    this chapter answered alot of questions but still left us with more. can naruto actually beat sauske and madarra, and is the ten tails where sharingan byakugan and rinnegan come from?

  27. MangekyouRinnegan Says:

    I love Madara how he so casually says this the 4th world war. I had a feeling Rikudo made the moon after what Pain had said some chapters ago. I get the feeling Danzo and Madara are one in the same.

  28. UchiuaMadara Says:

    Madara won’t also the eyes of sasuke this means he has to fight even with sasuke. But the only one who is going to kill him is naruto. Wait to see it

  29. Uchiha_Yuji Says:

    WHOA! Chapter was freakin awesome! Cant wait 4 the next! Uchiha Madara is insane! Nd as 4 Sasuke: “Disfunctional” 4real! LOL! Nd Raikage is a hot-head! He needs 2 calm down! He aint unstoppable…Nd might I add, Madara is in 4 the beatdown off his life! Seriously! LOL! Nd the Juubi? I never expected it…

  30. The Shadow Says:

    Question from the Garra & Deidara fight. Why didn’t Shukkaku take over the fight when Garaa was unconcious if he takes over when Garaa is asleep, same thing. Now on this chapter Danzo is going to run into Naruto’s team and get rocked.

  31. Uchiha720 Says:

    the raikage part at the end was priceless, lol.

  32. ajxw Says:

    wow so much in 1 chapter i wish more chapters come out fast

  33. kaze Says:

    wow just what i expected we new that biju was the tailed beast almost 20 chapters ago come on people the big statue that the aki use did not give it away or was it the chapter when pain was talking about his past and it showed gedo mazo which he wants to see saskue sink with come on.

  34. worldEND Says:

    that super sharingan eye of that juubi looks really powerfull.and a little bit too much sharingan xD it was like 1..2..3..4….WHAT?!I´m just curious what type of animal that thing will be.maybe it´s a tengu?

  35. GaaraFan Says:

    I love manga. Seriously. This chapter was awesome, and according to the latest spoilers the story will get even better.

  36. asdas Says:

    nah i dont think madara’s plan is going to succseed i mean with the new jutsu naruto’s going to learn he can kick his butt and when i say jutsu remeber the key that jiraya had it ssays that that is a key to unlock a new jutsu wich combined with the kiuby powers naruto will destroy madara

  37. Broken_Soul Says:

    I agree with more than half of then posters here; EPIC… then again, I think every chapter is epic beyond comparison so… but good thing that we learned what the Mugen Tsukiyomi is. And if I had Madara’s power and the power he will gain after he assembles the Juubi, I would do a similiar thing… except hypnotize the entire planet. but holy ghost in atight spot…Kishi-sama sure knows how to make things interesting.. as he does every week =) (Naru-dicted) just waiting for the next release so we get just a bit more clarification.. Kishi-sama.. DAISUKI your imagination (not proper grammar but what the hell) and last…Sasuke in “dark mode” or what we should call it.-.. smexier than ever!!

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