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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Airing Reminder: Shippuuden Starts Tonight on Disney XD in U.S.
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 4:43 pm on 10/28/2009

For everyone who has Disney XD, Shippuuden starts airing tonight so tune in and let us know how it is. Four episodes will air back to back!

40 kunai thrown »

40 Responses to “Airing Reminder: Shippuuden Starts Tonight on Disney XD in U.S.”

  1. Seito Tatsumi Says:

    4 down, 22 to go, Still waiting for it to go to Adult Swim

  2. Dosu Says:

    I am totally gonna be watching this tonight, it looks good.

  3. Jordan Says:

    I can’t wait to see what Disney has done to Shippuden. Too bad I don’t have Disney XD.

  4. vicky Says:

    Im watchin it right now doesnt look to sensored but its only the 2nd episode so i dont no but tusnade looks k :/

  5. Tengu Says:

    Eh…It doesnt seem more chopped up then it did at Cartoonnetwork…The Dub VA’s could use some work still, but other then that I see no big change…I think the change over from CN to XD was over drawn…
    However, this is only with the first few eps, when the juicy stuff (Hidan) show up, is when the Judging will truely start.

  6. Lord master draco Says:

    im watching it now O.O

  7. Yoshi-honrai of leafninja Says:

    I managed to catch the last of them. The voices could have sounded a little older. They should have gotten new people to do the job.

  8. Tundra Says:

    Pretty nice.

    I’m glad the VAs from the first are back.

    It’s slightly edited, but I can live with it till the uncut version comes out on DVD.

  9. Afroman530 Says:

    Well that didn’t turn out to be that bad at all…
    I hella got my brotha all psyched so he’s probably gunna rush home from school tomorrow to watch.
    Thank you DVR!

  10. huang-jun Says:

    well, at least you people dont have to worry about voices as much as I do.

    I from holland where they have tradition of screwing animes by dubbing them into dutch… Im afraid for naruto airing here…T_T

  11. Raioshie Uchiha Says:

    i thought that they could have done better with thier first episodes. this show was ment for older teens so show more blood and action… but hey it’s Disney

  12. Zero Says:

    Sasori my man….wtf its suppose to be Master Sasori…Sasori no dana doesnt mean Sasori my man. Also, art is not an explosion, its a bang!

  13. Lloyd Says:

    Is this a dub from Disney or something?
    What’s the difference? I don’t get it…

  14. Narutizzle Says:

    Already too much censorship,then cut out the part where sasuke was going to stab naruto when sasuke first met naruto after 2+ years..I mean,he didn’t even stab him! it was just the action of stabbing him, stick to the dvds or wait for adult swim to get it, don’t waste your time on disney.

  15. Shikamaru Says:

    The dub is still from Viz, the company who did the Naruto anime series. This series is just airing on Disney XD instead of Cartoon Network this time around.

  16. GatoGirl12345 Says:

    Since it’s on Disney, I doubt that it will be on Adult Swim now…

    However, ‘art is an explosion’ is fine for me. It’s just one word. I don’t see the big deal. Actually, I like it better.

    Voices…they should have made it that the voices are even more older. It’s too close to the original. However, I think that changing the VA would be two different though.

    However, looks like the sword was censored in the beginning of Shippuden.

  17. Banana Says:

    You gotta be having a joke..
    Sasori my man?
    Cutie Jutsu?
    Art is an explosion.
    What the f..

  18. Hidan666 Says:

    has disney seen naruto shippuuden? theres going to be quite a bit they have to sensor. are they just going to skip the whole fight between asuma and hidan? cuz that thing is way bloody and probably the most brutal way i’ve ever seen someone die in a televised anime. they’re going to have to sensor the hell out of those episodes…

  19. thebigkahuna Says:

    i watched the first part and when i saw that they censerored sasuke drawing his sword it was over for me.

  20. Uchiha720 Says:

    hey guys, be thankful they didn’t ruin it completely like 4Kids did with the one piece dub, even though the only good things about that dub were the cool intro & voices,
    oh i guess that was only because 4Kids wasn’t dubbing Naruto Shippuden lol. Im still waiting for Megaman NT Warrior, the rest of One Piece & Yugioh GX to get dubbed.

  21. Uchiha720 Says:

    overall… i give this dub an 8/10, i also agree with the posts, too.

  22. nartutogurl Says:

    you know what im happy that i get to hear it in english and what not but im not really feeling it on disney its just to weird when is cartoon network goin to pick it back up or will they because i dont like how the dialogue and everything as been changed to suit disney i like the cuss words in there to.

  23. slmcknett Says:

    Wow, people are still complaining about “Art is an explosion.” I got over it like a year ago when it came out in the manga. It’s just a catchphrase. And it sounds better this way. Just get over it. It’s not as good as CN, but it’s till alright.

  24. Ebs Says:

    Geez, what were you guys expecting from a Disney network? Just be glad it’s on TV at all…it was off the air for many months. If you just have to see faces being blown off and blood and guts then go and get the damn DVDs. Stop whining about it.

  25. AAAAAAA Says:

    i dont know, i thought it was pretty good.

    some of the things they censored werent so much because of disney, but more because of how up tight our censors are in america. now the “cutie/hottie” and “explosion” were disney’s fault, but it’s not that big a deal. i know the censors are gonna butcher the show, but i’m just glad we have shippuden over here!

  26. GatoGirl12345 Says:

    The only real bonus thing was the fact that a part of the ending song was released at the end.

    Sure, this in general would technically be worse than when it was at cartoon network and there was potential that it was to go to Adult Swim (CN probably didn’t want to handle the change…) but I agree…this is still not that bad as 4Kids…

    Man, I still remember those 4Kids dub Naruto rumors. ;p

    From the looks of it, there is still gonna be an uncut released… (Free Download of Ep 1 till Nov 4 at Play Station Network Video Store)

  27. Kristen Hatake Says:

    This was actually better than I expected. I was afraid for a while they might change the names for the Disney dub. They’re off to a better start than Cartoon Network, though: no dub song for the opening and ending sequences.

  28. KyraPYON Says:

    basically, Disney did not butcher it.
    It’s the same as fricken Cartoon Network.
    I’m very pleased that VIZ kept the same voice actors (Maile Flannigan does an excellent job as Naruto, his voice is a little deeper. Kudos, Maile, kudos!), and that the original opening is shown instead of that random one they showed for Cartoon Network. They also kept the same ending song, but they just show pictures instead of the animation. I had a good laugh over the “Cutie Jutsu” thing. Hottie Jutsu, indeed.
    So far, so good. The Hidan arc will definitely be more censored, but we have DVD box sets, so don’t fret anti-disneys.

  29. Roger Says:

    to be honest, i love the shippuden episodes that aired in Disney XD, but thats the thing i don’t like why Disney better off in Adult Swim or the regular Cartoon Network.

  30. Mr. Ninja Says:

    Well I honestly don’t care about how bad the dub is. Being able to watch the screen without having to constantly look down at the subtitles is good in my book. And the whole “Art is a bang” vs. “Art is an explosion”…get over it. They just americanized it. Nobody uses the word bang anymore (except for Deidera referances). I think Disney XD’ll probably
    A) Hand this off to adult swim when Cartoon Network gets the money to buy it or
    B) Create uncut episodes to purchase

    B is more likely, as many people will want to see it uncut. Censorship could be their way of marketing the uncut dvd’s.

  31. Naruto Fan Says:

    For all those who don’t think the minor Disney changes are alright, realize that the Hidan fight will be drastically changed when it comes. I can’t even imagine how they will portray it without any blood.

  32. Louie Says:

    they child proofed the episodes so far… on episode 2 when the one dude kills all the sand ninja guards, they r supposed to be bloody with shuriken and kunai stickin out of their bodies…theyre just layin there……. but since i love shippuden ive seen all 4 episodes 3 times now 😛

    ps. not a fiend, just ben waitin for english shippuden for like a year now……

  33. SageNeji Says:

    Everyone that posted here has a vivid point and i agree with everyone but it is Disney and they have to edit i just hope when it get to Hidan and their story they don’t cut out alot

  34. montazuta Says:

    you need to start putting up us tv listings

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