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Jpn. 11/26/15 Episode 439: "The Child of Prophecy"

Chapter 469 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 4:46 pm on 10/29/2009

Chapter 469 has been released!

Click For Chapter 469 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

58 kunai thrown »

58 Responses to “Chapter 469 Released”

  1. Dosu Says:

    O_O What happened in the beginning of the chapter? It just kinda skipped from one thing to another and then NaruSaku ftw became epic fail… I am disappoint.

  2. Jinrai Says:

    Wow this chapter only showed me one thing…never use love as a means to manipulate people to get what you want.
    P.S no more NaruSaku coupling after that. Haha

  3. Afroman530 Says:

    Aaaaaawww… Cute right?
    I’m not sure if she really does… Maybe she is just trying to “replace” Sasuke…
    Or maybe Naruto is just over reacting a little… probably not.
    Well, he definitely doesn’t go back on his word…

  4. E Ness Says:

    Who would’ve thought dat sakura would get rejected by naruto…. as long as he tried to impress her and get her 2 like him n a he jus told her strait up. I think that he made the right joice though she seemed like she was faking to me too. i think she jus said all that bcuz of wat sai said n she was just trying 2 break the “curse” she but naruto in.

  5. Rin Says:

    Loved this chapter. Naruto is the man and Sakura is an idiot.

  6. Mega Ninja Says:

    Finally! Proof that there will be no NaruHina!

    But anyway pretty good chapter. Honestly I think it could have used some more dialogue or action. I can’t wait to see more of Killer Bee vs Kissame!

  7. nicolas Says:

    awful chapter, thas how you fill a week with nothing…just a sakura scene that doesnt make it ec¡xcept for naruto´s response…and wow the new info, the name of tsuchikage…..thast all til next week, hoping a better chapter with full of potential by the way

  8. Hiruto Uzumaki Says:

    Why the hell did this have to happen?

  9. Rayne Says:

    That was by far the worst chapter of Naruto I’ve ever read

  10. Zeno Ariama Says:

    sakura finally told naruto that she likes him; to bad that she’s lying

  11. Holly Says:

    OMG just read it, wow, almost destroyed me then. Would’ve been a good plan, if Naruto hadn’t grown up so much since the start.

  12. Clint Says:

    T_T…. Please Sakura, a confession like that would go straight through me. How fake! All hail NaruxHina!

  13. Clint Says:

    That confession was so fake.

  14. Steveo920 Says:

    Looks like Danzo’s obssessed with kekkai genkais not unlike Orochimaru, seeing as he wants a Byakugan eye.

    Even better, there’s still hope for a NaruHina pairing, yah!

  15. Derwind Says:

    All I got to say is “POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER!!”, Naruto is standing tall now and Sakura needs new acting lesson’s, but I’ll always love my Sakura. Vince Shlomi about that favour you owe me, well I need it now, please teach Sakura your way of ninja.

  16. camille bianca Says:

    cliche but i dunno if its effective. the whole plan just made sakura…i don’t know…

  17. ryan_expert Says:

    As soon as Sakura started her speech, i knew what Narutos reaction would be. can’t wait to see what he says to her next week!

  18. IAmNotANut Says:

    Wow… Wow… Wow….. I can’t believe it… Haha… NaruSaku has just been slapped in the face! SASUSAKU FOREVER!

  19. Tai Says:

    is wonder if its true or not
    wat sakura is sayying

  20. MasterYamato Says:

    holy crap sakura you should never reveal your love in public (i dont know if she really loves naruto) but if you do you will get rejected and did you see rock lee’s face hes like ‘OBJECTION’

  21. kage Says:

    YES no more sakura – naruto goo hinata and danzo is not obsessed with the byakugan he just doesnt want someone out of the hyuga clan & konoha to have it i dont care if that mizu ninja dies but please get that eye back i hate the other ninja villages trying to obtain konoha powers

  22. Kureno Akimoto Says:

    Wow wtf? I totally saw i coming though, i mean she said “i know what i have to do” like 10 chapters ago,but damn. NaruSaku epic fail… O.o

  23. White_cloud_ninja Says:

    Awesome, sakura needs to drop off the face of the earth, what the heck was that? you cant love someone for most of your life then go on trying to love someone else in a day. its total bs. and she should give up on sasuke too, i mean, c’mon, sasuke doesnt like her, i mean, who does sasuke like? he hates everyone. karin will have a wayy better chance then her. hinata deserves naruto wayy better than sakura ever will. Hinata forever!

  24. Kristen Hatake Says:

    Interesting development: Sakura seems to just want Naruto to stop chasing Sasuke. And Ao is about to lose the Byakugan, it seems. Well, it seems that NaruSaku may be a failure, but I support NaruHina more anyway.

  25. TheLastAlchemist Says:

    Wow just wow I can’t beilve this chapter. Can’t wait to see what happen in this next chapter.

  26. Ares Says:

    Hinata’s was so much better, Sakura get a clue will ya!

    Danzo is really taking huge risks, if Ao doesn’t come back, everyone will rightly assume it was him, his standing among the Kages is already rock bottom, his reign in Konoha will end the moment Gaara relays the news of what happened at the summit, manipulation, cowardice and now attaking a Kage’s bodyguard, whew add that to the fact he fled underground while everyone fought Pain and you the perfect WORST candidate for Hokage ever!

  27. hinatahyuga Says:

    Yeah…if that confession was real, my name’s Donald Trump. Did Sakura REALLY think Naruto was going to fall for that? That was as transparent as water! I don’t hate Sakura- I actually like her- but I DO NOT like NaruSaku, I am a NaruHina fan one billion percent. Not quite sure what her motives are; maybe she just said because she thought it would make Naruto feel better, or to get him to stop going after Sasuke, or maybe both. But, at any rate, we can now clearly see the difference between Sakura and Hinata (the later of whom is my favorite character!): Hinata really does love Naruto, but even if she didn’t, she would never lie and say something like that just to make someone else feel better. And Hinata has loved, admired, and appreciated Naruto from the beginning.

    Wow…I hate Danzo more every minute…what a desperado. Why does he need the RIGHT eye, anyway? It’s his LEFT eye that’s normal. Does he want to exchange his Sharingan for a Byakugan, or does he just not want a Mist ninja to have a Byakugan? Anyways, what a LOSER!

  28. kage Says:

    personally, this chapter made me really disappointed and i actually face palmed when sakura started her ‘confession’. i’m not much of a fan of narusaku(any pairing of sakura really), but even i felt insulted that the pairing and even sakura herself appeared to be mocked. first making sakura say such a fake confession to naruto? that is just…and then sakura’s character in this chapter. it was horrible, i was just able to really start liking her in shippuden and then that.

    as for the chapter itself it seemed more like something to fuel the pairing wars instead of making things progress in the story. now there’s going to be sasusaku and naruhina fans going crazy, while the sakunaru will probably be suffering…

    in all, i have to say this chapter was simply horrible and i can only hope next weeks is much, much better.

  29. The 8th Hokage Says:

    Come on she should have known that wasnt going to work. This is naruto uzumaki, the ninja that never goes back on his word. Idk if she likes hime or not. Wonder wat he’ll say. I cant wait till naruto becomes the leader of the shinobi alliance>;>

  30. kakashi-sensei Says:

    wow this chapter was not interesting and that was the fakest confession ever. i understand why sakura is lieing. He wants naruto to stop chasing after sasuke and the only to convince naruto is by lieing to herself and to naruto. Right now ALL HAIL NARUHINA.peace out

  31. Pihawk Says:

    Sakura… i hate her… Naruto is not a stupid kid anymore… he won’t fell for a trick like this. Sakura—> go to the emocorner and cry for your Sasuke

  32. naruto-z Says:

    wow, i really didn’t enjoy this weeks chapter.it was all on the confession, and it wasn’t even good. I didn’t like his choice of making sakura lie. it was badly thought out, no one liked this whole event. personally i’d 100 times want narusaku instead forsure. this was a big dissapointment. really disliked this chapter

  33. Naruto636 Says:

    What how could you not want Naruto to get with Sakura. The hero should always get the girl. Although it looks like she doesn’t really like him. I feel bad for Hinata but I also think that NaruSaku should happen. I mean there kids would be a lot stronger and smarter. Although NaruHina kids might have a Byakugan. But I still wish Sakura wouldn’t have F’d things up and get with Naruto.

  34. Naruto636 Says:

    It’s just like Tsunade and Jiraiya. You know Tsunade loves Jiraiya by the stuff she says after he dies, but it was too late for her to tell him. Now he’s dead. Naruto should fix that by being with Sakura. That would make me feel better.

  35. naruto-z Says:

    wow, i really didn’t enjoy this weeks chapter.it was all on the confession, and it wasn’t even good. I didn’t like his choice of making sakura lie. it was badly thought out, no one liked this whole event. personally i’d 100 times want narusaku instead forsure. this was a big dissapointment. really disliked this chapter
    im so sad about this really…i feel like im gonna cry…..to me i really want narusakura. it just kills me for this to happen, i feel like they were destined to be together.

  36. lampsalot Says:

    Well, as much as it seems like Naruto and Sakura won’t be showing up together in the end, I wonder…it’s still possible. Naruto I think, because he loves Sakura so much can easily read her, and while she might be lying now, it’s to get Naruto from keeping the promise he made to her, so they can kill Sasuke.
    One thing that bothers me is what Madara said a few weeks back to Naruto when he mentioned the fight between Sasuke and Naruto will be the final battle between the hatred of the Uchiha and the Leaf. Based on his later story to the Kage Summit, it’ll take both the Mangekyou Sharingan, and the Senju bloodline to control the Juubi, or the Rinnegan of the Rikudou Sennin. So it begs the question, is Madara stupid enough to really believe that he can recombine the 9 Bijuu and be able to control it?
    One other question, what exactly did the Rikudou Sennin give the Senju half of his descendants to compliment the story given to his older son’s descendants-the Uchiha?

  37. KyraPYON Says:

    Erm, the whole beginning threw me off for a second.
    And for the whole Narusaku thing,
    I do believe that Sakura does love Naruto, but she’s terrible at saying so because of her epic fail at a love confession for Sasuke. (Actually, I think Naruto probably would be a softy for her crying. Hahaha.) Plus it was hinted eariler in part two (by Yamato) that she was in love with him.
    My prediction:
    Either this will turn into a sap fest,
    or Naruto will go off and be emo, and after a couple chapters he will end up sucking face with Sakura and at the end of the series have little blonde and pink haired Hokage babies.
    Or I could be wrong and the odd institution which I formerly loved, aka Naruhina, will win. But, I doubt it.

  38. heidi Says:

    oh. my. god.
    okay, i think that sakura really does love naruto, but what was with that confession? in front of everyone? it sounded totally fake to me. if i knew sakura, she wouldnt be so in your face about it. im a total fan of narusaku, but that was the absolute wrong time for sakura to say that… either it was deliberate or kishimoto shouldn’t write romance.

  39. farah Says:

    man this was rocki’n

  40. Hiruto Uzumaki Says:

    Sakura Haruno: The most selfish time-waster in Shippuden.

    She drags Kiba, Lee, and the ANBU trouble(match)maker out of the village for some fake confession. Not only is this an insult to Naruto, but it’s also offense to Hinata and Sasuke(whether he cares or not).

  41. MY OPINION Says:

    I think that Danzou is somehow taking control of Sakura to make Naruto not focus.

    That’s what I think…. anyone with me?

  42. naruto2 Says:

    wow, that was one of the saddest chapters yet for me. i don’t want sakura to become this. naruto and her are destined to be together. Not naruhina, they’ve never had much talk time and they haven’t had much time together on the manga. its always been destined to be narusaku. i feel like im gonna cry and die if this turns out bad between narusaku. im very unhappy about this chapter…:(

  43. Nala Says:

    Sakura might actually care for Naruto, but that’s only because Sasuke isn’t around anymore. If Sasuke were to come back, she’d flock to him again.

  44. Naruto Fan Says:

    The chapter was actually pretty good. If Naruto had said yes to Sakura, I would’ve lost all respect for Kishimoto. That’s been expected since Naruto started for goodness sake. By including Naruto’s rejection amid the other plot twists, Kishimoto still possesses the creativity and unpredictability that makes him an original writer.

  45. T-Drizzle Says:

    Is Tsunade ever gonna wake up? I mean come on.

  46. fatlucky Says:

    Actually, this just shows that NaruSaku is over. He rejected her in the end lol.
    And this makes NaruHina a lot more likely.

  47. Zeh Byakugan Says:

    It seems that Sakura has feelings for both Naruto and Sasuke, but that she tries to convince herself that she likes Naruto the most because of the things Sasuke has done. I completely agree with Naruto, “don’t lie to yourself”. He shows that he has grown alot more up, seeing as how he saw through her confession. I like the result, even though I wouldn’t have anything against the two of them getting together. I just want it to be because they both have true feelings for eachother.

    As for the chapter in whole, not very much happened, but it was nice reading anyways.

  48. fantasyfreak Says:

    sakura needs to be slapped in the face. Seriously, that act was so fake, anyone could have seen through it. I mean, if she really would have meant it,I think she would have cried, even a little when Naruto didn´t believe it…Or maybe it is true, and she´s killing two birds with one stone…hmmm, could be…

  49. saskuethedemon98 Says:

    after sakura confessed and all the flashbacks showed i knew something shady was going on look naruto could be a idiot but when it came to emotional things he knew so naruto is not that big of idiot he knows somethings up

  50. Mohrpheus Says:

    Meh. People are overreacting if you ask me. The drawn-out love expression was supposed to look fake.

  51. bajia Says:

    i think she’s lying….but naruhina will happen…at least i hope

  52. Wihat Says:

    Just thought about a thing…dont know if this has been discoused but, if donzo have the power to minipulate people then he could have gotten the kake titel the same way…

  53. raiga Says:

    boring chapter dudes… what a bummer…

  54. Mangekyou Says:

    That’s a logic point from Naruto. I mean, Sakura talks like he’s just a replacement. True love is the way Hinata said it. NaruHina & SakuSasu FTW!

  55. uzukidenisek Says:

    i think that he left the senju his strong chAKRA so that would explain how the first was able to control the bjuu and probably how he had mokuton and also why the second had such strong water techniques

  56. Snake Says:

    Nah, Danzo will not get the Byakugan…you’ve all forgotten someone…Kabuto…
    He’ll come, take the Byakugan and then go after Danzo’s sharingan

  57. Mohammed alfa Says:

    way to go champ(naruto)…..sakuras also being considerate either way u look at it….she’s eithyer trying to brake the guilt thats been driving naruto, or express herself…its kinda sad but narutos ‘all grown up’

  58. wachak08 Says:

    hinata still the best confession w/ naruto…..just back chapter 437….

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