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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 474 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 11:48 pm on 12/2/2009

Chapter 474 has been released!

Click For Chapter 474 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

32 kunai thrown »

32 Responses to “Chapter 474 Released”

  1. R2D2 Says:

    at last Madara vs Danzo who will gonna win?

  2. tenpo88 Says:

    YES! This is what I’m talikng about! Danzou can’t be that bad can he? No really, can he?

  3. Hiruto Uzumaki Says:

    While that settles it. Sakura officially made the list of villains. Thank you Kishimot for making it easy for me. I’ve always hated Sakura, especially in the 4th Movie, but now this hatred pays off.

    As for which villain wins the next battle. I’m not routing for either one.

  4. nicolas Says:

    Gaara nailed it! and this is getting interesting, maybe we´ll see the new hokage Kakashi and really great battles, and finally we may see the real truth about danzo and madara…can´t wait to see that arm unsealed

  5. jason727 Says:

    Awesome! Kakashi is hokage and Danzo is going to get slaughtered. Works out for Konoha…

  6. uchihabeast1 Says:

    sasuke vs. konaha new generation haha wat a joke sasuke got that in the bag! now we no danzo not madara cause madara finsta tap that azz! lol

  7. Ares Says:

    A very significant chapter, Naruto has to make final decision regarding Sasuke and Sakura finally gets some guts, although how exactly does she plan to kill Sasuke, he could take on ALL of Naruto’s friends all at once. Kakashi won’t be Hokage, he’ll let Naruto take the title if he steps up to claim it, Danzo’s reign is pretty much over.

    Let’s not forget Danzo, I knew he would be a jerk from the first moment I saw him, but he is clearly no friend of the Akatsuki, Can’t help but wonder what trick he has in his arm, probably something really big to kill(or attempt to kill) Madara in one blow. A deal to hand over Naruto seems unlikely due to Danzo’s hostile reaction to Madara’s presence, still I honestly believe that could happen.

  8. Uchiha17 Says:

    Danzou should own be on equal terms of power with Madara since Madara is already weaken, Sakura is going to get killed if she go up against Sasuke, and Kakashi deserves to be the Hokage as he was basically cheated out of the position because of Danzou’s sharingan.

  9. Matt666 Says:

    I think Sakura will try to fight Sasuke and just as she is about to die, Naruto starts fighting. Gaara is going to tell him that he must kill Sasuke.

  10. Shadowkage09 Says:

    This chapter,very informing… Sakura is an asshole for love.. I’m sorry, but she truly is, if she think she is gonna kill Sasuke…

    I think Danzo helped kill off the Uchiha, sounds dumb, but just wondering, seeings though Madara hasn’t seen Danzo since the Uchiha massacre…

    I can’t wait to see this battle against Danzo & Madara.. I think, it’s either not gonna last long, cause Madara may leave.. Or Danzo’s a dead man walking. I just wanna see that arm of his, wonder what it can do…

  11. Kristen Hatake Says:

    I doubt Danzo will die. To be honest, I’ve had this gut feeling that Danzo is actually Izuna (surprisingly I have the name of Madara’s brother down in my memory)… I’m starting to think I was right, though I doubt either will die in this battle.

    Anyways, who should I be more worried about: Naruto, Sasuke, or Sakura? And if Kakashi becomes the official Hokage, will he be 6th or 7th (thanks to Danzo’s short tenure I’m confused). Well, I guess we’ll find out next chapter.

    Stupid cliff-hangers.

  12. wachak08 Says:

    .i hope madara use his mangekyou to danzo…..and may be danzo revealed he has also have a mangekyou too…..i hope i can see in the next chapter…can’t wait baby..

  13. pigeon027 Says:

    maybe im late and havent been paying attention, but apparently danzo isnt madara now.
    can’t wait to see how this ends tho.

  14. Joe Says:

    Finally! 😀

  15. Hiruko-sama Says:

    Madara VS Danzo
    Sakura VS Sasuke (wherever he and karin are, not sure how she’s going to find him)
    interesting, not matchups i wouldve liked much, but still interesting at the very least. the manga feels like its getting weirder and weirder every week since this arc started.

  16. Hmm... Says:

    By the looks of it, Danzo has known Madara was alive for a while, so he will have prepared for this battle, and may actually be able to do some damage.

  17. rydmer Says:

    Kakashi is not an Hokage yet, the council just approves him becoming a Kage for the fire country(the Hokage) becouse of Danzos betrayal.

  18. Wholio Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but do you think Danzou could be Madara’s younger brother whose eyes he took.

  19. darthjose Says:

    ok i think this is gonna happen sasuke kills sakura now naruto has to fight sasuke, i thin that danzo has Uchiha Shisui’s eye and thats why he is so protect to konoha knowing madara’s tricks this fight will tell everything about uchiha masacre

  20. NejiTen Says:

    OMGZ. Who the hell cares about Sasuke?! He wasn’t even in the chapter! Naruto is the main character not him! So let it go! Anyway Naruto will kick his ass not Sakura so there!

  21. aquaboy3000 Says:

    Yeah, I love these summaries. I think Izumo is gonna turn up in the next chapter, and that he stole Shisui’s eye, or Danzou, whoever he is, is gonna get pounded in any case. Sakura can’t possibly beat Sasuke, but if Naruto shows up, there could be a ultimate showdown…. (Does anyone think that Kawazu Kumite is useless since sharingan can see chakra?)

  22. The Greatest Hokage Says:

    Great chapter Danzo and madara will be interesting. Sakura will proably end up fighting karin because she likes saskue to and she wont let her kill him. Kakashi wont be the 6th because its not his thing he doesnt even want to be Hokage. He’ll end up giving the title to naruto

  23. jenna Says:

    wait did madara take one or two eyes of izuna i hope sakura dies

  24. piercingeye Says:

    what happens is danzo is the missing piece of madara from the fight with the first hokage. before madara can start his war he would probably need to absorb danzo to be whole. danzo can possibly be izuna uchiha imbodiment of his eyes.

  25. piercingeye Says:

    not to mention, izuna could still be alive by taking shisui’s eyes; which he probably did why he was old then gained immortality

  26. L-0tAku Says:

    This chapter made me laugh with the whole sakura is going to try to go up against sasuke though, as if she could actually win it might be kinda interesting to see how sasuke will react

    What’s really exciting is danzo vs madara. I’m not actually rooting for anyone but I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

    Oh I almost forgot the whole bit with Gaara. He was sooo nice I wish he was naruto’s best friend instead of sasuke.

  27. Sierra Says:

    Okay why do people hate Sakura so much? Is it because she’s the most real character with actual flaws in here? I mean sure no contest she’ll most likely die in a fight against Sasuke, but she must have some kind of trick up her sleeve. As for the Danzo Vs.Madara thing… I hope Danzo dies a horrible death =P

  28. sasuke-kun Says:

    everybody mentioning madara’s brother. lol they already said it was shisui’s eyes. plus adding another uchiha will make itachi’s “prophecy” of having only 3 mangekyou users sound stupid. danzo’s still incomplete. he needs kabuto to repair his right side, but i don’t think he’ll die in this round. madara will use danzo and root because akatsuki’s down to 2 members.

  29. Afroman530 Says:

    I am not so sure about the whole Sasuke vs. Sakura thing… Sasuke seems to be extremely powerful compared to his former comrades…

    However, has any body thought of Sakura’s taijutsu or genjutsu? Perhaps she has a Super Tsunade Steroid assortment or something?
    I think that would be rather funny…

    I’m wondering if Danzo is really Madara’s brother… that could be very real; or he can be some extreme shadow clone replacement decoy….

    we’ll see!

  30. Unknown Says:

    I have a weird feeling that Danzo could be Izuna Uchiha. Maybe he needed Shisui’s eyes to regain his mangekyou sharingan

  31. sakura;D Says:

    Dang! You guys sure are hard on Sakura! Personally, I think she’s cool. But she can’t fight Sasuke, and win anyway. It’s just not gonna happen. I don’t care for Danzo or Madara, but it will be interesting! Looking foward to next week!=P

  32. Missin-NiN Says:

    I dont think that its possible for izuna to do that since he lost both of his eyes

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