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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 476 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 4:54 pm on 12/16/2009

Chapter 476 has been released!

Click For Chapter 476 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

22 Kunai Thrown (Leave a Comment)

22 Responses to “Chapter 476 Released”

  1. Huang-Jun Says:

    great chapter!!

    theres danzo all over the place!! lol

  2. R2D2 Says:

    My goodness I thought danzo already been crushed.

  3. Shanepickle Says:

    amazing chapter! i was like finally danzo is dead and then he appeared behind sasuke and i was like aww man! but still, i want sasuke 2 just kill danzo already! and i wonder wat will happen when naruto and tenzo get back 2 the village? 0.0

  4. naruto-z Says:

    wow, what a chapter. so we know madara wasn’t lying. what a suprise, everyone was expecting him to be lying. and danzou seems pretty powerful with those sharingans gettin out of even susanno. and sasukes now going fanatical. and whats up with naruto??? hyperventilating? i wonder if he’s gonna be dreaming up something amazing or is he gonna see his father again? itachi again? or just the nine tails? i don’t know but i feel like something importants going to happen for naruto.

  5. kazekage Says:

    danzou is creepy!… Good chapter!

  6. Tai Says:

    i thought danzo was dead for a second there
    but he surprised me yet again 😀

  7. Evira Says:

    Since Danzo had so many Sharingans on his arm does it mean that he went around extracting eyes after the massacre ? But, then the Sharingan wouldn’t have been active as the people had already died …. I find it hard to believe that he beat so many Uchiha and was able to salvage their Sharingans…

  8. Thelast Alchemist Says:

    Ok chapter but the next one seems to look like it will be much better.

  9. Hiruto Uzumaki Says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but Madara had his Sharingan out. Was he up to something, like Danzo was with Fire Daimyo and the summit?

  10. Ares Says:

    I don’t want this battle to end TOO quickly, Danzo is a complete piece of garbage, but this is the part where we get really to see his character in depth, we’ve seen him do a number of things (largely for his own self interesat and his twisted vision for Konoha), but now his true character will be shown and then Sasuke will almost certainly kill him.

    We saw a short preview of the Naruto-Sasuke rematch and that looks like its five-eight chapters away.

  11. Huang-Jun Says:

    @ naruto-z;
    I still think hes lying,..
    the 4th confirmed that madara was controling the ninetails, while madara said in was a natural disaster,…so why not lie about this?? Danzo thought Itachi was the one who told sasuke the truth…

    mystery continues…

  12. White_cloud_ninja Says:

    Dang i thought sasuke killed Danzo. he did it with a smile on his face too. sasuke is soo sweat and evil lol. i like the new him. But yeah he should totally go back to naruto, but hes good for now with hawk. Something big is gona happen for naruto, i think he may see itachi.

  13. Hmmm... Says:

    Danzo did not get out of that grip, there was an actual body in there (Sasuke is covered in blood even).
    So either Danzo somehow used those handseals to cause some super doppelganger, or he had switched while Madara was not looking.

  14. Kristen Hatake Says:

    Stupid double-issues. This is getting really good, and we have to wait two weeks. Then another double issue and another two weeks of waiting. Eh, oh well, guess it’ll be worth the wait.

    Anyways, Danzo is more and more surprising. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who believes that Danzo has something to do with the Uchiha Clan massacre. However, what he said about peace sounds like just his own interpretation. I’m willing to bet he was the one who ordered Itachi to do it, seeing as he leads the ANBU Root and Itachi was a former ANBU member. As for Naruto, that was certainly unexpected.

    Seeing Itachi’s face in the chapter actually made me feel kind of nostalgic. Is that supposed to happen?

  15. Uh-Oh Says:

    Naruto is going through a melt down now.
    Never before has ‘Become Hokage’ contradicted ‘Find Sasuke’ to this extent

  16. Dart_fox51 Says:

    I think that madara and danzo are working together to get sasuke to attack the village

  17. Hasero Says:

    Dammit, whats up with all the “eyes” lately. Sasuke should be the only Uchiha left. First Kakashi with his Sharinghan. Then came Madara back. Then Danzou. And also the byakugan has been stolen ><. Abit the same if you ask me. Danzo now even pisses me off more. Just die and let the eyes be with there orginal owner.

    Great chapter though!

  18. Random Says:

    @Dart_fox51 why would madara and danzou work together? danzou ordered his underlings to attack madara, and zetzu said that danzou was no friend of akatsuki’s… good chapter though, but i would’ve liked to see more fighting… just saying…pancakes…

  19. Angie Says:

    Naruto finally had a mental breakdown…I always knew it would happen eventually…
    It is just like Sai said! Everyone is depending on Naruto and the stress got to him so now he is freaking out.
    I think he should give up on Sasuke, he is a traitor!

  20. Sora Says:

    Ths chapter, ore thn any other previously, prety much confirms a naruto vs sasuke final battle. Sasuke is the final boss. He will most likely be the 1 to defeat madara as i realy dnt c naruto doin that ne time so0n he has n0thin in his ninja handb0ok 2 countr madara. Mayb kakashi bt i reali doubt dat. Hu knws mayb nxt yr is time for kakashi 2 evolve frm the copy ninja 2 being a new membr in the ms spaming club

  21. Kyo Says:

    I think Naruto finally realises that he will have to fight and probobly kill sasuke. But when they do have their little rematch who knows anyone of them could win.

  22. 9tails Says:

    idk why but i think kakashi is part of something bigger
    -he’s going to become hokage
    -we dont even know if danzou used his eye on the daiymo
    -the whole operation behind root could be to protect konoha from traitors within its ranks
    -i think the twist behind danzou at the very end is going to be that he was a hero
    -and this could explain y kakashi is always low key
    or maybe kakashi is a root memeber and sasuke’s next target

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