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Jpn. 4/12/17 Boruto Episode 2: "The Hokage's Son"

Chapter 477 Released
Posted by: Shikamaru @ 6:14 pm on 12/24/2009

Chapter 477 has been released!

Click For Chapter 477 Spoiler Preview:

You can view my comments and discuss this latest chapter in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here.

49 Kunai Thrown (Leave a Comment)

49 Responses to “Chapter 477 Released”

  1. blaccshinobi Says:

    i can’t believe hes back i hope he rips danzos head off.

  2. thepidegeon Says:

    can’t keep a good uchiha down…
    danzo’s freaky substitution is pissin me off though lol

  3. White_cloud-ninja Says:

    Itachi, seriously? when a character dies, shouldnt they stay dead?? i hope thats genjutsu or something, well, the whole crow thing itachi does is genjutsu but how does that explain him appearing?? oh, you now what, sasuke should do that too, but not with crows, with hawks. that might be cool. And sasuke’s new summoning was awesome!! but i dont think its more useful then the snakes were.

  4. naruto-z Says:

    what a boring chapter….no kiddin. and itachi’s probably just something like what happened with naruto and 4th hokage. kishi did say in an interview that itachi would return but not alive.

  5. fatlucky Says:

    Danzou hacks. That’s all there is to it. He just hacks the anime.

  6. Tenpo88 Says:

    Forget all the gifts I ‘m getting, this made my WEEK! Much love Kishi!

  7. Undefined Says:

    That twist was something i could never expect, great job kishimoto.

  8. uchiha brothers Says:

    that summoning is the coolest. i can’t beleive danzo has those sharingon. but atlest here comes ITACHI YAY!

  9. soujiro05 Says:

    dying to see the next chapter

  10. jason727 Says:

    not really sure what to make of this…

  11. beastygaara Says:

    wow did not that coming

  12. r2d2 Says:

    Is Itachi Alive!? MADARA tell me! whats goin on…?

  13. WhiteFang225 Says:

    Wow I thought after Danzo’s arm was cut off he would die but he didn’t anyway it was an awesome chapter

  14. Kristen Hatake Says:

    Wow, the ending? Totally unexpected. Is that a Genjutsu or the real thing? Is he really alive? Is he dead? Gah, so confused!! This is one of the best cliffhangers yet, which is why I’m so annoyed… Oh, and to everyone else who celebrates it besides me, Merry Christmas. If only Kishimoto had enough Christmas spirit to let us know the answers ahead of time.

  15. Novus Tempestas Says:

    Itachi reappears!


    I wonder if it’s genjutsu, or something like Edo Tensei.
    Also; what’s up with Danzo’s sharin-arm? The way the eyes are opening and closing seem like Kukazu’s hearts!

  16. Mega Ninja Says:

    YES!! My dreams have finally become reality! Itachi Uchiha is alive!

    Believe me, Masashi Kishimoto better not be messing with us, like it’s some sort of genjutsu or something or people all over the world will go to Japan and kill him.

    If Itachi is alive than things are going to get very interesting and Danzo is going to get f-ed up! Which he deserves!

  17. Kin Says:

    Maybe sasuke use tskuyomi on danzo

  18. Hyuuga Says:

    Itachi must be a genjutsu, if he was alive he would not reveal himself to Madara like that (more of a risk than Danzo to Sasuke)or wear Akatsuki robes.

  19. kazekage Says:

    what the hell! itachi came back? cause he touched sasuke!! O_O!! crap that was unexpected

  20. AnbuBlackOps Says:

    How in the world can Sasuke get a hawk, one of the most noblest creatures, as a summon? He tricked Manda and killed him, even Suigetsu said he should be nicer to animals. What he should have is a big fat Oscar Meyer as a summon cause he’s a weenie.

  21. sageNARUTO Says:

    man itachis back its probably just a genjutsu or sasuke never even killed itachi, it was really just some trick, but now itachi is probably saving sasuke

  22. super-gaara Says:

    go itachi. even when he dies he can still take down losers like danzou

  23. uchiha Says:

    Yeah.HE is back I Hope it is not aclone or a genjutsu

  24. junior Says:

    itachi’s back?
    no, this is genjutsu.

  25. yondaime hokage Says:

    Alright poeple listen, when sasuke awaken his MS three powers came to him. It susanoo, amaterasu and tsukuyomi. Now itachi is not alive he is an illusion created by sasuke. I don’t think danzo knows about that power. Overall the chapter was nice. I like danzo wind elements. Looking forward to next week chap. Peace out

  26. Shanepickle Says:

    amazing! wat is up with itachi though!?!?!? as soon as he dies in the anime hes back in the manga?!? i think it has 2 b some sort of genjutsu. i mean sasuke 4 sure took down itachi! awesome chapter! cant wait 4 next week! 🙂

  27. Kekkai Genkai Says:

    This was suprisin to me itachi’s coming back made my christmas
    I hope it’s real though or at least the crow power given to Naruto and Sasuke
    Itachi was much more powerful than we think, he killed Shisui
    I hope it’s not soe 4th hokage one minute thing where he dissappears after a few minutes
    He’s almost like Lor Voldemort in that as long he leaves some of his power in things/people he can’t die

  28. ;P Says:

    I think sasuke used tskuyomi on Danzo to remind him of what he did to itachi

  29. Sabrina Says:

    i knew this would happen! i kept telling my friends that this wasnt the last time we see itachi. i think he REALLY is back and not a damn genjutsu!

  30. minato909 Says:

    Itachi is absolutely 100% not alive, it’s obviously some sort of illusion, the crows kind of made it obvious that’s its probably a genjutsu.

    Anyways, Sasuke’s summon was an epic fail, he doesn’t deserve another summon after what he did to Manda. Overall an okay chapter, although the whole thing is getting borderline unbalanced (Danzos get out of anything teleport, using sasuuno and Ameterasu without any physical drawback? come on, no one’s that powerful.)

  31. Mearii Shiotsu Says:

    Oh my god, Itachi-san!!? what the heck is he doing there!?

  32. aquaboy3000 Says:

    Itachi returns! Wonder if the crows were transfered with amaterasu and Itachi’s jutsu when he did that imprint thingy on sasuke… wonder if Itachi could’ve done it with Naruto, because he did a transfer thing with him too… Many thanks to Kishi!

  33. Justin Says:

    I cant believe Itachi is back

  34. Shinesetsu Says:

    What’s up with everyone hating Danzo? I think he’s really cool. How can a guy OWN (both meanings) that many sharingans and not be this freaking sweet!

  35. mizukage Says:

    im guessing he now knows how to use Tsukyomi, personally i think the snake summoning was better..

  36. SeikoDrake Says:

    oh man i think its a genjutsu that madara pulled because when danzo caught sasukes arm before he got his arm chopped off, madara gazed at danzo as if he was doing a genjutsu staring at him. I believe madara pulled a genjutsu or sasuke but most likely madara

  37. TorankusoMurosaki Says:

    More than likely, the result of Itachi’s appearance is because of Sasuke’s Tsukuyomi. Seeing as Tsukuyomi is Sasuke’s least used Mangekyou tech to date and the fact that ITACHI IS DEAD.

  38. TRUEfan Says:

    TRUEfan here…has anybody paid very close attention to page 16. The crows originated from Sasuke’s body after his left eye started bleeding…so basically Genjutsu. Sorry everybody who thought he was alive….No Frankeinstein here

  39. wachak08 Says:

    .that’s a genjutsu….maybe a tsukyomi…

  40. Crow34 Says:

    Sasuke’s new kuchiyose is great a hawk is a lot better than a snake…
    ITACHI’s comeback.. i dont really know if its a genjutsu or something but i think his apparition is a trump card of beating danzo…..
    sasuke having a blood campact with hawks is not surprising because jiraiya used kuchiyose while he doesn’t have blood compact with an animal led him being teleported to Myobokuzan the frog village and maybe that thing happened to sasuke too when he lost the ability of summoning snakes due to orochimaru extracted from him. (just a theory :]])

  41. DaReignofUchiha Says:

    wow what a surprise so da uchiha brothers are finally on the same side and to avenge the clan they are gonna take down the one person who caused the whole entire sasuke saga of the naruto series in the first place awesome well done great Kishi you have yet to fail me with amazement gonna be a blast when it hits anime next year.

  42. jenna Says:

    itachi is probably sasuke form of tsukiyomi because how does itachi have a sharingan if he gave it to sasuke?danzou also fears itachi so that must mean that either itachi came out of sasuke because itachi knew sasuke would danzou or it is sasuke form of sasuke tsukiyomi

  43. Shinomaru 23 Says:

    I agree with AnbuBolackops Saskue shouldnt used Manda as a toy and killed him !

  44. who ever Says:

    most likely itachi is a jutsu just like was inplanted in sasuke earlier that supposed to protect him wen confronted by a sharingan

  45. Rikudo Kami Says:

    Shanepickle Says:
    December 26th, 2009 at 10:59 am

    i mean sasuke 4 sure took down itachi!

    HHHalol no he didnt he backed against a rock shivering, Itachi just DIED lol but I believe thats a genjutsu not my favorite character.

  46. Hisoka Says:

    kool, the true Uchiha is back

  47. burtley5648 Says:

    wow…itachi’s back? really? i agree with white cloud ninja, once someone is dead, they should probably stay that way. then again, if that was the case kakashi wouldn’t be alive either. “/

  48. kazekage Says:

    @true fan

    isnt sasuke’s amaterasu goes out on his left eye? lol

  49. TheDarkCreator42 Says:

    Guess who’s back, back again, Itachi’s back! Tell a friend!

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